Malifaux - Neverborn & Gremlin - Zoraida


Desperation drives men and women from the relative safety of the City into the Bayou, in search of the elusive swamp hag, Zoraida. Those individuals who do not fall prey to gremlins or the other creatures eventually reach her demesne. The impossibly old woman they encounter inside the rickety shack knows their names and why they have come. Her bargain is always a game of cards for whatever information they seek. They win, she answers their questions. They lose and she collects the unique ante she has demanded. Most never see the City’s lights again.

This is the Zoraida most residents of Malifaux know, the hag with second sight. The true Zoraida who hides behind this persona is a different entity. Centuries old, Zoraida is not truly a Neverborn, but is instead a human who traversed the in-between and reached Malifaux long before the first opening of the Great Breach. Over time she became one of the Neverborn. She knows more about the weaving's of fate and where to pluck at its threads than any other creature in Malifaux.

Zoraida interweaves her own designs into fate’s plan, masterfully blending her intentions with that of the cosmic will. She manipulates people and events slowly, maneuvering hundreds of disparate elements together to achieve her desired results. To Zoraida it is an art form, she is spinning an ever moving dance of beauty into reality... even if only she can appreciate it.

Box Set

Zoraida’s box comes with six models, including Zoraida herself. Zoraida is faithfully served by Bad Juju, a mire golem crafted from the living energies of the swamp itself. Skulking about in the shadows of this hulking figure are the Silurids, agile fishmen which hunt the murky waters of the Bayou. Zoraida’s totem is her Voodoo Doll, which binds itself to her enemies and forces them to share its all-too-often unfortunate fate. 


Zoraida can be played in both the Neverborn and Gremlin Factions. She primarily focuses on manipulating other models with the Obey Action and applying adverse Conditions to enemy models. Zoraida has a broad playstyle which allows her to work well with almost any model and, on top of that, she can hire any model with a Willpower of four or less, regardless of Faction. This gives her one of the largest selections of models to hire game.

During the game, Zoraida’s main Action is generally going to be Obey. Obey allows her to force another model to take an Action. While Obey can be used on enemies, it is primarily used on friendly models, so it is a good idea to bring along a heavy hitter who will be a good target for Obey. Zoraida can also summon a Voodoo Doll and link it to an enemy model. Once this is done, any Conditions the Voodoo Doll suffers are also suffered by the enemy model, so Zoraida is happy to sit back put the fire to its feet!

Zoraida’s Upgrades add all sorts of options such as incredible mobility with Animal Shape, card manipulation with Crystal Ball, and all sorts of fun new Conditions to apply to the Voodoo Doll with Hex Bag. Due to her large hiring pool and open playstyle, Zoraida is a magnificent generalist, able to adapt to any opponent, table, or strategy that you can throw at her.