Zoraida has solidified her position as the queen of Action manipulation. In addition to moving other models around the battlefield according to her whims, she also possesses a great deal of card manipulation, both via cycling cards whenever the opponent Cheats Fate and her powerful Threads of Fate Action, which forces both players to discard their hand and draw six new cards. As is fitting for a bunch of creatures that live in the swamp, the Ability most often found among the Swampfiend is Penetrating Stench, forcing enemies around them to discard cards or gain the Stunned Condition.


Desperation drives men and women from the city to the Bayou, in search of the elusive Swamp Hag, Zoraida. The task is impossible if one does not know the way, or if Zoraida herself does not want herself to be known.

Those who do not fall prey to Gremlins or the other creatures of the Bayou eventually reach her shack, as long as the path remains unhidden. The impossibly old woman they encounter inside knows their names and why they have come. Her bargain is always a game of cards for whatever information they seek. They win, she answers. They lose, and she collects the unique ante she has demanded. After visiting her, most will never see the City’s lights again.

This is the Zoraida most residents of Malifaux know, the hag with second sight.

The true Zoraida, the woman who hides behind this wrinkled persona, is a different entity. Zoraida was born a human. She traversed the in-between and reached Malifaux centuries before the first opening of the Breach. Over time, she became one of the Neverborn - whether by right or by being warped by the magic of Malifaux itself, learned of the Tyrants, and saw their impending return written on the weave of Fate.

Determined to prevent their return - or, failing that, ensure their ultimate defeat - Zoraida put plans in motion, masterfully weaving her intentions into Fate’s threads. The re-opening of the Breach, the presence of humanity in Malifaux, all of it her design to ensure the Tyrant’s fall.

But Titania’s return has twisted her intricately laid plans. The Autumn Queen can shape Fate as well as Zoraida, and she is no longer certain of what she sees in Fate’s ever-shifting tapestry. They appear to have similar goals, but to what end? What will Titania attempt to accomplish if and once the Tyrants have been vanquished from this soil? No threads, skeins, or cloth have lead Zoraida to an answer.

As her allies fall and her plans crumble, the time has come for her to deal with these threats directly. No longer shall she sit idly by, whispering in the ears of “greater” souls. The Fate of the world must be woven by the seamstress, and no other.

She will remind them, one by one, why you never gamble against the Swamp Hag…

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Bad Juju


The First Mate

Spawn Mother


Voodoo Doll




Silurid x3

Bayou Gator x3

Gupps x3

Gautreaux Bokor x3

Will o’ the Wisp x3

Waldgeist x3