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Zipp is the most feared Sky Pirate in all of Malifaux. The brilliant and daring leader of the Iron Skeeters, he robs and pillages as he pleases. Or, at least, that’s what he monologues about while his crew runs around and steals things.

Ever since the day Zipp discovered an aethervox and heard stories of grand adventure on it, he knew he was destined for great things. He started by joining a gang of thieving Gremlins, but everything changed the day he stole an experimental airship.

He has since christened his ship the Infamy, and with it, he terrorizes Malifaux. He soars through the air, taking what is rightfully his, striking fear into the hearts of his foes.

He's only too happy to use his lightning gun... once his victims have heard a proper monologue, that is. After all, you can’t just go around killing and robbing folks without giving them a proper monologue first. How else are they supposed to know who robbed them?

Box Set

Zipp’s box set contains six models, including Zipp himself. The First Mate has been Zipp’s second in command since the day he ate Zipp’s original first mate (Zipp played it off like it was all part of his plan). Earl Burns was taken hostage the day the airship was stolen, and the Gremlins keep him around to fly the thing. On the table, he is excellent at supporting and repairing Constructs. The Iron Skeeters are highly mobile Enforcers who can drag other models along with them using their Grappling Hooks.


Zipp is a harassment model, and he excels at it. With an eight inch Walk, flight, and the three AP of a Master, Zipp can rocket twenty-four inches across the board in one Activation. This allows him to be in place to use his Constant Yammering Ability, preventing the enemy from Interacting and achieving their goals. While Zipp cannot Interact himself, his Crew can, and he can be sure the enemy is busy while his Crew completes their mission.

Zipp’s primary attack action is Up We Go, which allows him to reposition an enemy model while inflicting damage which cannot be reduced. He backs up this impressive melee attack with his Zipp Zapper, a ranged attack which can hinder the enemy by hurting it and disrupting them with its Triggers. Finally, he can use his Noxious Smoke to block off lanes on the board and Grab a Rope to reposition his Crew.

Upgrades are an important part of any Master, and Zipp is no different. If Zipp attaches one of his Limited Upgrades (The Gift of Gab or No Quarter), for every Upgrade he attaches, one of his Iron Skeeters can attach a free Sky Pirate Upgrade, ensuring that Zipp’s Crew grows in power as he does. His Limited Upgrades allow him to choose between limiting enemy free actions or Soulstone use, and both give him an Ability to remove Conditions. Other Upgrades which Zipp (or his Crew) can take include Hovering Airship, which grants the Drop The Pianos Action, allowing the model to take an impressive ranged Attack that ignores LoS, and Treasure Map, which rewards the Crew for removing Scheme Markers. If you want to foil your opponent’s plans, Zipp is one of the best Masters in the game to do it.