Malifaux - Gremlin   - Wong


Undoubtedly one of the most eccentric residents on the Bayou, Wong’s ornate blue robes and pointy hat are a sight rarely forgotten. With drooping moustaches held in place by the miracle of spirit gum, Wong is a religious subscriber to the school of theatrics and will indulge in all manner of indecipherable behavior to reinforce his aura of Eastern mysticism.

However, one would be foolish to assume that Wong is mere smoke and mirrors. The Iron Fan of Tsu Li is a formidable weapon in its own right, and the ornate valise he carries with him houses a trinity of spectral entities as powerful as they are malevolent. This Three Demon Bag is the real source of Wong’s power and, considering Wong’s animosity for the Ten Thunders clan, it is perhaps a blessing for them that he has not yet learned the extent of its potency.

With theatrical firework displays, devastating lightning jumps and occasionally turning bystanders into piglets, there’s rarely a dull moment around Wong – a spectacle that has become all the more magnificent now under the influence of his Lovely Assistant.

Wong's shows are an occasion for all in the Bayou, whether they have gathered to be entertained or are simply forced to flee the raging inferno.

He surrounds himself with acolytes as idiosyncratic as he is, such as his explosive Lightning Bugs, which makes being in the Gremlin’s company about as volatile as a chain-smoker in a fireworks factory.

Box Set

Wong’s crew comes with six models, including Wong himself. The Lightning bugs are his students in the magical arts, and are just as dangerous to those around them as their master. The Lovely Assistant ensures that all of Wong’s explosions are perfectly timed and properly showcased, which often involves Mancha Roja charging into combat and hitting someone with a smaller, flailing Gremlin. 


Wong is the only Gremlin spellcaster, and his propensity for attacks that damage a wide area make him an ideal master or when you expect to be facing a swarm of weaker enemies. His Lightning Jump puts out decent damage, but between its blasts and its secondary pulse damage, Wong tends to damage multiple enemies with each attack. The Fzzzzap! and Lightning Storm Triggers only serve to increase Lightning Jump’s damage potential, and his Explosive Solutions upgrade adds equally useful Triggers for the remaining two suits. Boom is another useful action, both because it damages enemies around Wong, and because he can burn up scheme markers (friendly or enemy) to increase the size of the explosion.

Not all of Wong’s magic is offensive, however, as his Glowy ability allows him to choose a single model in his crew, making its attacks ignore Armor, Hard to Kill, and Incorporeal. This can be further enhanced with Wong’s Ooo, Glowy upgrade, which further augments the chosen model by granting it increased damage and regeneration. Even an otherwise mediocre model can be made amazing with a bit of Wong’s glowy magic. Wong can debilitate as well as buff with his Three Demon Bag upgrade, which grants him the amusing chance of transforming enemy models into piglets.

Wong’s What Goes Up… action makes him an amazing scheme runner. Because the scheme marker is removed from the board and then placed back down at the end of the turn, Wong can drop a scheme marker, kick it up into space, and then drop a second scheme marker before the first one falls back down, essentially letting him to drop multiple scheme markers in the same small area (or even right on top of each other). Plus, the scheme marker causes a small explosion when it lands, potentially damaging any annoying enemies (or unlucky friends) that happen to be standing nearby. If the situation calls for collateral damage on a massive scale, then Wong’s the right Gremlin for the job.