Wong’s name is synonymous with uncontrolled magic and even more uncontrolled explosions, and we’ve honored that impressive legacy by making Wong the poster child of the new Shockwave mechanic. Wong’s penchant for collateral damage has been reinforced with Hard Knock Life Ability, common among Wizz-Bang models, which give the Fast Condition each time a model is damaged by another friendly model.


Even among Gremlins, Wong is an unusual sight. Clad in a colorful hat(?) and robes, Wong is a religious subscriber to the school of theatrics and will indulge in all manner of indecipherable behavior to reinforce his aura of mysticism.

But only a fool would dismiss Wong’s antics as empty showboating. The magical implements he acquired from a Ten Thunders caravan are incredibly potent, and Wong has learned how use them with varying degrees of success. With them, he has gleaned a measure of knowledge in creating magical implements and concoctions of his own, resulting in some of the more unusual sights in the Bayou, including the frightening Swine-Cursed.

While Wong is devoted to his shows, he has had to contend more and more with the Three-Demon Bag and its ever increasing demands. The most powerful tool in his arsenal, the Bag has recently begun speaking to Wong, pushing him to seek out the ruins of Kythera.

After weeks of incessant commands, Wong finally gave in and rowed out to the ruins. After absorbing some of the lingering energies there, the Bag commanded him to perform a potent ritual.

Already getting bored, Wong chose to bite his toenails for a while and then say the ritual failed. Confused and angry, the Bag has demanded Wong seek out a summoner (or was it Som’er?) to perform the ritual correctly. This was too much for many of Wong’s crew, who quit in protest. Angrily, Wong has set out to find a new crew, deal with this silly errand, and get back to touring, bag or not.

In his search for someone else who might be willing to tolerate the Bag’s incessant nagging, he unknowingly drifted in the opposite direction, and found himself in the midst of the Red Cage, a giant crater in the Bayou created by a fallen Tyrant.

Sure, there might be the occasional severed head walking on mechanical spider legs or the rare eyeless grootslang poking its curious head out before burrowing back into the side of the cliff, but those small issues are easy to ignore when the acoustics in the Red Cage are sublime.

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Sammy LaCroix

Alphonse LeBlanc


Olivia Bernard

Burt Jebson



Lightning Bug x3

Swine-Cursed x2

Taxidermist x2

Flying Piglet x3

Gautreaux Bokor x3

Stuffed Piglet x6