The leader of the hardened Freikorps mercenary group has spent his time between editions restocking on weapons. In addition to being a fierce combatant, Von Schill is also capable of handing out Equipment Upgrades to his followers, granting them access to powerful rocket launchers, hidden mines, and other deadly weapons. The Freikorps, still provide some of the most versatile playstyles, easily adapting to any situation on the fly, while sticking to their hardened playstyle with incredibly durable models and characters.


Leopold Von Schill is a decorated soldier who was there in the first days of the Breach’s reopening. With an uncanny ability to read enemy movements, his leadership proved invaluable in retaking Malifaux City. But he made an enemy of the one person he shouldn’t have. Rankled by Governor-General Kitchener’s self-interest and ruthless disregard for the men under his command, Von Schill tendered his resignation.

Banding together the men who had chosen to join him over the Guild, Von Schill founded the Freikorps, today considered one of the finest groups of mercenaries money has to buy. That didn’t mean life was easy for the old soldier, who has suffered more than his share of injuries by refusing to lead from the rear.

Kitchener’s death could not have been more fitting, in Von Schill’s mind, but his replacement, Franco Marlow, proved to be just as much a problem, albeit for different reasons. Deciding that the Guild could not allow “profiteers” to continue operating under its suffrage, Marlow gave Von Schill an ultimatum: bring the Freikorps back into the fold or be declared criminals.

Von Schill decided on the latter, moving his operations into the southern Badlands and offering a safe haven to his fellow outlaws called Freiholt.

Built on an old abandoned prospecting town aptly called Hope, Freiholt is still very much in its infancy. While the buildings from the town’s previous life are still mostly intact, everything else was just short of wiped away by the dust and sand. The walls, barracks, and training grounds are all repurposed shipping containers, strapped loosely together by rope and rail spikes. Even the train tracks that once lead all the way back to Malifaux City had been washed away by the time the Freikorps showed up.

But Leopold is a smart, resourceful man; Hope wasn’t chosen by chance. Its foundation was already there, and the tunnels often only went one way, so there was little chance for an ambush from beneath. Irrigation was simple enough too, with a few thin rivers cutting through the desert within a stone’s throw of the town’s watch towers.

Outwardly, Von Schill acts like this was all according to Marlow’s plan. Inwardly, he begrudgingly offers Franco a measure of respect. The Governor-General wanted to bring civilization to the frontier, and by founding Freiholt, Von Schill has unwittingly started to do just that.

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Hannah Lovelace

Arik Schöttmer


Steam Trunk



Freikorpsmann x3

Freikorps Scout x3

Freikorps Engineer x2

Freikorps Librarian x2

Drachen Trooper x2