Malifaux - Outcasts -  Von Schill

Von Schill

When there is a task that needs to be done, few groups are more versatile and trustworthy than Von Schill's Freikorps. Earthside, Von Schill made a name for himself as a brave soldier, showing an uncanny ability to read his enemy and place his team members in key positions. That was a skill he meant to transfer to his career Breachside. In the first days after the Breach reopened, he proved to be an invaluable asset to the Guild, exterminating several Neverborn single handedly.

Destined for leadership within the Guild, Von Schill made an enemy of the one person who could send his career into the dirt: the Governor-General. It was a minor conflict of personalities, but they disagreed on several major points of security, and as a minor member of the military, Von Schill was on the losing end of every argument. He tendered his resignation within a few days of their meeting.

As a loner, Von Schill could have decided to lend out his services to settlers heading out into the Badlands, but he was too ambitious to be a gun for hire. Instead, he found a base just outside of the Guild's control and began to build a team of mercenaries called the Friekorps. With his experience and a singular deal with the Miners and Steamfitters Union, they are the most capable hired guns to be found this side of the Breach. The first few members were those who also disagreed with the Governor-General's plans for the city, but, once they were established, specialists and soldiers alike found kinship within the Freikorps' compound.

Box Set

Von Schill’s box comes with seven models, including Von Schill himself. The Freikorpsmenn are the grunts of Von Schill’s mercenary group, and their speed and versatility make them central components of any plan. The Trapper covers them with long-ranged sniping support, while the Specialist wades into the heart of the enemy, laying down a wave of dead from his specially-crafted flamethrower. Bringing up the rear are the Librarian, a powerful spellcaster and healer, and the Steam Trunk, which carries plenty of useful items and components for the rest of the crew to use. 


Von Schill is a member of the Outcast Faction. He is somewhat of a generalist with a focus on combat. He leads the Freikorps, an elite group of mercenaries that have the tools needed to get the job done. While he can work well with anyone, he as some subtle synergies with his mercenary band.

Playing Von Schill reveals a very reliable Master. He has solid stats with the ability to attack in melee or at range. His damage is solid, as is his mobility. Coupled with his Armor and other defenses, there isn’t a fight he’s likely to shy away from. He is the sort of hammer that turns everything into a nail.

On the battlefield, Von Schill will help shore up the fight wherever it’s needed. Abilities like Augmented Jump allow him to charge out of combat. Flavorful abilities like Finish the Cur help him finish off the wounded, revealing the discipline behind this military leader.

Von Schill has numerous interesting Upgrades available to him. Paid in Blood allows him to start outside of his own deployment zone, giving him the opportunity to get into the best position. Hard & Relentless allows him to ignore Horror duels, with the potential to allow friendly models to do the same. Engage At Will supports friendly models by giving them the opportunity to take two (0) actions in a turn. The Shirt Comes Off allows him to stop playing around: he heals and enemies all must perform a Horror Duel. All of these Upgrades allow him to change how he plays and bring new opportunities to bring the hammer of Von Schill down on your opponent.