Malifaux - Outcasts - Viktoria of Ash & Viktoria of Blood


There is a lure within Malifaux that inevitably draws certain people to the city. Some go because of the power that can be gleaned from the Soulstones, others to find lost information. Viktoria went because she received a message from one of her contacts suggesting that there was a treasure greater than any she had sought before. Already a seasoned adventurer and treasure hunter, it was too good an offer to refuse.

Heading to the great city, Viktoria quickly found herself in the middle of a web of conflicting plots and powerful players. Part of a Neverborn scheme left her with a perfect double – a doppelganger. Though they dress differently, and the real Viktoria carries the storied Masamune, many cannot tell the two apart. They bonded as sisters and have been inseparable ever since.

While they are willing to hire themselves out as mercenaries, their real goal is to find artifacts which they can sell Earthside or within the city proper for profit. The land is scattered with artifacts from the first settlement just waiting for someone to come in and take them. The only thing stopping most people is the Neverborn natives. Luckily, the doppelganger provides insight and information on what is in the area and how to best fight or avoid them, giving Viktoria an edge on any competition. This secret is carefully held between them and a few others who happened to learn the truth, allowing the mystery of the 'sisters' to gain more and more momentum among the public.

Box Set

The Viktoria box contains seven models, including Viktoria herself. Her counterpart, the Viktoria of Blood, is one of the game’s deadliest models, and Taelor is a nightmare for anyone who hopes to summon reinforcements into battle. The Student of Conflict tags along behind them, supporting the Viktorias like a murderous intern, while the Ronin round out the crew with deadly mercenaries whose alluring disguises often distract their enemies just long enough to seal their demise. 


Viktoria of Ashes is a member of the Outcast Faction. She, along with her “sister” Viktoria of Blood, are a package deal – if you take the one you can take the other for free. Combined, the Viktorias are the most brutal melee machines to be found in the game.

In one of the stories, the Viktorias are described as a “tornado of dismemberment.” Utilizing their Masamune blades, each sister packs a massive punch with high attack stats and damage. They subscribe to the philosophy that you only need to learn to take a punch if your first punch doesn’t drop them. Viktoria and her sister are not mindless killing machines, though. They are highly paid mercenaries because they are very adept in combat: they use tactics and synergies to get the most killing done. Each Viktoria has a buff that helps when they are close to each other, and one that helps when they are far from each other. This makes positioning them very important based on your ultimate goal.

The Viktorias have access to some powerful Upgrades. Mark of Shez’uul allows one of them to ignore almost all forms of defenses to ensure a swift kill. Synchronized Slaying lets them break activation order and both go one after the other. Sisters in Fury gives them each a damage boost, while Sisters in Spirit helps them move around the battlefield. These Upgrades will help ensure the enemies Viktoria wants dead, get dead.