Malifaux - Gremlin   - Ulix


Generally regarded to be slipperier than a greased rattlesnake, Ulix is far from the common or garden Bayou Gremlin. He is master of hogs and all things hoggish, and spends much of his time tending his piggy charges deep within the swamp, quite content with his lot.

Ulix understands pigs better than any gremlin alive, and gremlins from across the Bayou seek out his help on any pig-related issues (of which Gremlins have plenty).

One could be forgiven for overlooking this rough-looking Bayou denizen with a game leg, laden down with bow, traps, hog-rope and an assortment of other tools of his trade, but where Ulix really excels is in his uncommon cunning. He possesses a mind sharper than Lady Justice’s greatsword and just as quick, and regularly runs rings around unwelcome intruders and other unsavory individuals through deception, misdirection and plain old barefaced lies.

This skullduggery is further complimented by the conception that Gremlins are, by and large, fairly stupid creatures. Ulix would not seek to refute this claim nor has he been above exploiting it – his quick wit and savvy have served him extremely well in trading with surrounding villages, especially with Cluck Slump the poultry farmer whom Ulix has, on at least two occasions, sold him his own legs.

Ulix’s constant companion is his faithful hog hound, Penelope. They make a formidable pair and are more than capable of holding their own against the worst Malifaux has to offer.

Box Set

Ulix’s box comes with six models, including Ulix himself. His henchman (henchhog?) is Old Major, a massive pig who exerts his influence over all the smaller pigs which accompany Ulix, such as the unpredictable Wild Boars. Ulix’s totem Penelope also helps keep the swine in line, herding them back and forth at her master’s direction. 


Ulix is the Gremlin master who has chosen to focus the entirety of his attention upon supporting the faction’s wide selection of pigs. His Pork Whisper’n ability keeps the pigs around him under control, , and his Hitch A Ride ability allows him to ride his pigs around the battlefield, allowing Ulix to save his AP for things other than walking. Because of his focus on these plump swine, Ulix always wants to have at least a handful of pigs in any crew he leads (and often, the more pigs he brings, the stronger his crew becomes).

Once Ulix is surrounded by a herd of hogs, his Wall of Pork trigger makes him very difficult to hit with any sort of attack. His Slop ‘em Up attack doesn’t deal much damage, but it does provide a bonus for any pigs attacking his target later in the turn. Alternatively, he can just use his Prod action to make a nearby pig attack on his turn, or just use his Feeding Frenzy trigger to let a nearby pig attack his target immediately after Ulix has slopped them up. Should his pets become damaged, Ulix can provide them with some great healing in the form of his Proper Care action, though this does damage Ulix a bit, and thus should be used sparingly.

Not surprisingly, Ulix’s upgrades all revolve around the proper care and feeding of pigs. His Pig Sling allows him to throw the smaller pigs at his enemies, while his Huntin’ Bow provides a more traditional ranged weapon…that he can also use to shoot his own pigs in the rear, causing them to stampede forward towards his enemies. A special mention should be made of the Husbandry upgrade, which allows Ulix to summon small Piglets from the larger pigs, or to transform three friendly scheme markers into a mighty War Pig! As can be expected, Ulix is a good master for anyone who enjoys pigs and pig-related violence.