The Other Side


The Other Side is a fast-paced tabletop wargame about Allegiances doing battle across the Earth in a fight for supremacy and survival. Players choose their Allegiances and assemble forces composed of 32mm scale preassembled miniatures to create a unique game experience each time they play.

The rules are streamlined and easy to learn, allowing for intuitive and cinematic gameplay. Whether you want to have a small battle featuring two Commanders facing off or a massive confrontation featuring multiple Commanders on both sides, The Other Side is sure to deliver an exciting, strategic game experience every time you play.

Click to view back of book

Click to view back of book

Core Rulebook

WYR40001 - $60.00

This book contains a detailed explanation of the world of The Other Side, including several stories showcasing the influential characters and allegiances of that war-torn world. It also contains all of the rules needed to play a game of The Other Side.

The year is 1906. A tyrannical organization known as the Guild is keeping the world under its thumb and has been for nearly a century. The undercurrent of dissent and rebellion among the nations of Earth grow closer to the tipping point with each passing day. Just as tensions reach their height, dimensional portals open around the world of Malifaux to Earth, and death and destruction follow in their wake.

It is time to take up arms and fight to save (or conquer) the world! Command squads of troops, twisted monsters, and giant robots as you struggle to claim the battlefields of Earth for your own.

Upon release, the rules for The Other Side will be available in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Russian.

Fate Decks

Conflict is resolved using a Fate Deck, a standard deck of cards utilizing suits custom to The Other Side and other Wyrd products. Players can Cheat Fate by replacing a flipped card with one from their hand, directly altering their chance for success on the battlefield.

Players can use one of our 4 themed decks from The Other Side, or use any of the Fate Decks from our other ranges.


The Models

Magic, steampunk, monsters, and soldiers collide to make the battlefields of The Other Side action-packed. In order to get you into the action sooner, every model in The Other Side comes preassembled!

The models in The Other Side are 32mm scale with high levels of detail, allowing painters plenty of opportunities to paint their Champions, Squads, and Titans in whatever way they wish.

Click on one of the four Allegiances to view their entire model range.