Malifaux - The Guild
No longer shall the vestiges of a fallen civilization hold us back. We have seen the face of freedom! The Burning Man comes to free us all. His fire shall purify the righteous and burn the unworthy!
— Raving Madman

The Cult has its beginnings in the ramblings of Ephraim Wade. Ephraim had strange visions, born of the things to come, and spread his twisted views with any who would listen. He didn't attract much attention at first, but when the Burning Man appeared in the skies above London, it lent credence to many of Ephraim's teachings. As London burned, the Cult rose from its flames.

The Cult are the insane followers of the enigmatic Burning Man. The forces of the voiceless entity are made up of monstrous aberrations and humans touched by the chaotic magics that lie between worlds. A Cult of the Burning Man army specializes in hit and run tactics and using magic to defeat their foes.




The Cult is defined by chaos and portals, and their Allegiance card shows this off clearly. They are capable of passing out Shaken Tokens based on discards, which they can use to try to Glory their own units (because being crazy helps them) or to impede their enemies.

The most impressive part of their Allegiance, however, is Dimensional Instability. They are able to place 3 Portal Markers on the table, which they can step through to go to any other Portal Marker. They can even move these with Tears in Reality. The Cult's Portals open up the entire playing field, and one never knows where they might show up next.


I can't say that you'll ever be disappointed by an Ability called Shatter Reality. And, frankly, if you're playing the Cult, what this Ability does is insane. An extra Portal Marker means there is even less on the table outside of your tentacley grasp.

Arcane Barrage is a potent magical attack with the possibility to punish an enemy who tries to defend against your Portals. And what Cult Commander would be complete without even more movement tricks?

When on Glory, Adeodatos' Arcane Barrage gets a trigger to let it attack twice, but his most crushing change comes from the addition of Devouring Vortex. If an enemy is near one of his Portals, Adeodatos can hit them with a massive Strength 6 hit (at a ludicrous AV 9) and then force them through the Portal. Suffice it to say, it is devastating.

When you're playing the Cult, you recognize that chaos is your friend. Fenton is comfortable with this -- you can trade cards in your hand for enemy Shaken Tokens, often giving efficiency to friendly troops.

At home in melee, Fenton's Staff is a powerful tool, but his specialty is whipping his adherents into a bloodlust for his foes. Screaming at the cultists, he can get them to attack and give out Shaken Tokens as the enemy realizes the zealotry they are up against.

If you're wondering what really makes Fenton tick, however, look no further than his Glory side.

A new trigger on his Staff can lend it (potentially) incredible Strength. But where he really shines (or potentially doesn't shine at all) is his Disintegrating Blast. At an 8 versus Defense, the action is likely to succeed. An impressive 18" range means he can cover a lot of ground with it. It may only be Strength 2, but it makes you discard an amazing ten cards off the top of your deck and every Ram adds to the Strength. This action could reach over Strength 12! If you ever wanted to vaporize something, Fenton is the way to do it... if you're lucky.


Commander Assets


The Stalking Portals are an incredibly cheap unit for the Cult. Their main attack is a low AV 3 and only Strength 1, but even Strength 1 can take down a mighty Titan with some hard work and luck.

But the reality is that you don't take Stalking Portals in your Company for their Draw In attack. You take them for Sentient Portals. They obviously have synergy with Adeodatos, giving him more hubs to attack from. They also allow units to teleport through them either to or from Portals.

The Warped are some of the Cult powerhouses, bringing impressive attacks and mobility. Even their toughness is above average, particularly if they have not yet activated for the turn.

Their Twisted Claws are their go-to action, an impressive AV 6 and Strength 4 supported by two good Triggers. Echoes of Existence can get them where they need to be, allowing the two remaining Fireteams to take their Twisted Claws actions.

The Twisted Horrors are able to soak up quite a bit of punishment. Armor 7 is strong, particularly when coupled with a Defense of 5. Add on their Impossible Physiology and they have a 25% chance of getting the Reinforcement Token needed to replace lost numbers.

Of course, no damage soak is complete without pumping out some damage of its own. Everyone loves a good Tentacles attack, coming in at a respectable Strength 3. Though the AV is not amazing at 4, the possibility to trigger into card draw cannot be ignored.

Finally, Cascading Magic is a ranged magical attack that, if you were lucky, could hit at up to Strength 5. Worship your Burning Man and perhaps fate shall favor you.


The Goryshche is a massive, twisted creature. Like the hydra, it spouts many heads and the ability to quickly replace that which it has lost. This means that while the Goryshche is easier to hurt than most Titans, it is also better able to withstand prolonged assault.

Its Hungry Maw action is a potent attack at Strength 4, and it puts a great amount of fear into the enemy. It can also be used, with the Swallow Whole trigger, to deal a great amount of damage to an enemy Champion -- particularly a Commander.

This is not the sort of creature you want to have as your enemy.



You can download all the cards to play the Cult of the Burning Man Allegiance here.