Malifaux - The Guild
My people see the value of honoring the past and chasing the future. Soulstones let us use that which came before to move into that which will be.
— Prince Unathi

The Abyssinian Empire was born in Ethiopia, on the east coast of Africa, hundreds of years ago, but its rise to prominence in Africa (and the rest of the world) came in the 1800s. With the world thrown into chaos with the opening of the Breach and the subsequent Black Powder Wars, Abyssinia began rapidly expanding its borders. Now, with the rise of the Burning Man, Abyssinia has decided to once again expand their global reach.

Abyssinians are the masters of Soulstone technology. A temporary breach to the world of Malifaux in the seventeenth century gave them access to Soulstones years before anyone else, though they kept this a closely guarded secret. This fueled innovation, and led to Abyssinia being the most advanced nation on Earth. The Abyssinian army is a mix of elite troops and machines of war, able to fight effectively in melee or at range.




At the beginning of the game, Abyssinia can attach Prototype Assets to units in the company. These Assets, unlike most, can't be used to reduce damage, but they do lend extra actions to the unit they are attached to.

Add in that they have a powerful card draw Trigger on all their Actions (meaning the Electrocutioners actually have three suit triggers!). and you can ensure your fighting force stays in tip-top shape. It is worth noting that Triggers can only be declared on a success, so if you fail the duel, you do not get to draw a card.

Going into Glory for them is a matter of innovation, tossing two cards to go into Glory. This is no easy cost, though, as each card is the equivalent of a Tactics Token and is often very useful for helping to keep your elite forces alive.


Below are the Prototype Assets.


Prince Unathi is a well-balanced battlefield Commander. Field Test allows him to make better use of Prototype Assets, and Call for Reinforcements helps him keep his soldiers alive. 

His only attack is the powerful Poison Rocket, able to do a Strength 2 hit to an area, and, with a good success, create a permanent piece of Hazardous Terrain.

Upon going to Glory, Prince Unathi doesn't learn any new tricks, but he does become better at those he knows. New Triggers on his Actions give them extra potency, allowing his entire army to benefit from his switch to Glory.

The Lord of Steel only has a Tactics value of 1. This isn't because he doesn't have a brilliant mind for battle, but rather that he often acts on instinct rather than detailed plans.

His Spear of Ages is Soulstone powered, giving it incredible cutting power. Coupled with a Morale Action for extra movement (and Speed 9), and it is possible for the Lord of Steel to attack from 38" away (18" Charge, 18" Take to the Sky with the trigger, 2" melee).

Obviously he is powerful on the front, but when he goes to Glory he only gains potency. His Speed and Armor are incredible and his melee attack only gains in effectiveness.

Most importantly, however, he gains a ranged area attack in his grenade and a new trigger on Take to the Sky that gives in an extra melee action. Combined, the Lord of Steel can potentially make two attacks per turn. With attacks like his, this can be devastating.



Commander Assets


These are Abyssinian scouts that help pave the way for the entire army.

Quick on the battlefield because of Scout Ahead, the Crow Runners are able to lay down fire or mix it up in melee. While not flashy, their speed and adaptability mean that they are a vital help on the battlefield. They can shore up weak spots, go after objectives, or put the hurt on their enemies.

Desiring to stay near their Commander, the Mehal Sefari are always ready to lose their lives for their leaders. An incredibly Armor 9 makes them able to withstand many shots, ensuring there is no easy target for enemy attacks.

Their Machine Guns give them a great firebase, and the Trigger means they can further help protect their leader.

The Takoba is a potent Strength 4, ensuring that they have a chance at bringing down any target they must confront. 

Meet the mighty Electrocutioners! Using Soulstone powered electricity, the Electrocutioners are happy to engage at range or in melee, bringing cutting edge Abyssinian technology to the battle.

Charged Claws are a massive Strength 5 at an AV 6. Two suit triggers give the possibility of doing even more damage. Their Lightning Rifles are less powerful, but have a great 12" range and the Area effect, allowing them to punish an opponent who groups up.



The Dreadnought is one of Abyssinia's machines of war. Manned by multiple gunners, the Dreadnought can wade into the battle and lay down an impressive amount of gunfire.

The Crushing Legs ability gives the Dreadnought an attack by simply moving, giving the chance to crush Squads under its feet.

The Mounted Gatling Guns attack is the Dreadnought's main attack, coming in at a solid Strength 3. The Action gives out a Pinned Token, slowing the enemy down and cutting off their reinforcements.

The Mask Trigger, Nimble, on the shot makes the Dreadnought have a good potential speed, allowing it to capitalize on its Crushing Legs.



You can download all the cards for the Abyssinian Allegiance here.