Malifaux - Neverborn - Lillith


Titania is the Queen of the Fae and the Keeper of the Old World. She is the Storm and the Withered Rose. She is the Autumn Queen, and she is returned to this world once again.

Titania ruled the Fae in the days of ancient Malifaux. Her prosperous rule was only interrupted by the rise of the Tyrants. She led her people against the Tyrants and was instrumental in the construction their downfall. Some of her followers were filled with fear at her power and glory, and they betrayed her and locked her away for centuries.

Now she has returned to Malifaux. Her power has waned, but she is still the rightful Queen. Her name is still whispered among the Neverborn, and she has begun to gather those who are willing to pledge loyalty to her at the seat of her ancient power. The Tyrants must be defeated once again, and the vermin known as humanity must be wiped from her realm.

Box Set

Titania’s box set contains six models, including Titania herself. Aeslin, Titania’s chief advisor, casts powerful spells at a range and gives penalties to enemy magic users. The Gorar, Titania’s Totem, can sacrifice itself to resummon any friendly Minion who was killed in Titania’s service. The Tooth, the Claw, and the Thorn are Titania’s Autumn Knights. These impressive Minions are all very difficult to kill and each serves the Queen in their own way.


Titania is an incredibly resilient model, which brings a different way to play to the Neverborn Faction. She can easily withstand an onslaught of enemy attacks while her Crew achieves victory, healing as they place Scheme Markers. She also brings great utility to the table with her ability to manipulate Scheme Markers and support her Crew.

Bloody Command is Titania’s primary attack. It deals decent damage and comes with a host of useful Triggers which can be used to boost damage, heal friendly models, or push other friendly models towards the target and allow them to attack. A Wicked Silence allows her to damage her enemies while also placing Scheme Markers near them. Finally, she has great free Actions which can be used to place more Scheme Markers or to spend Scheme Markers to push a model (including Titania herself).

Titania’s Upgrades enhance her play in a number of ways. Behold My Glory gives Titania a Trigger which forces models to only attack her unless they discard two cards. An Audience With The Queen allows her to place enemy models into base contact with her and disrupt their plans. The Forest Claims All lets Titania turn any Corpse or Scrap markers the enemy drops near her into her own Scheme Markers. The Queen’s Champion allows Titania to name a Champion to gain a number of amazing benefits. All in all, Titania is very difficult to remove, and while she remains on the table, she will disrupt her enemies and see that her Crew achieves victory.