Malifaux - Gremlin   - The Brewmaster


Gremlin palettes are not very refined. They will eat just about anything they can get their grubby paws on, but they still know good 'shine from bad. Where once it was Som'er Teeth who had the best stills in the area, a new face has appeared with new varieties for them to try. Known only as the Brewmaster, this Gremlin came from over the mountains with a small crew of loyal, alcohol-dependent Gremlins calling themselves the 'Tri-Chi.'

True to his name, the Brewmaster has several different varieties of moonshine, as well as some more refined variations that even humans might recognize as distant cousins to rum, gin, and beer. For the Gremlins, these new concoctions are tantalizing and alluring, distracting them from their current tasks whenever his distinctive silhouette appears on the horizon. It is nearly impossible for any other Gremlin leader to oppose him, since their minions are as likely to fight for him as against him, but that is of little matter since he does not appear to be interested in taking over the Bayou.

Many have tried to sneak into the ranks of the Tri-Chi, but the Brewmaster has strict rules for initiation which most of the Bayou Gremlins cannot understand, and these interlopers are soon routed. In addition to being Tri-Chi, the gremlins that follow the Brewmaster are masters of Drunken Gremlin Kung Fu, a swaggering style of fighting that appears to be little more than boozy missteps across the floor, but in reality tends to send an opponent reeling in broken bones and bloody noses.

Box Set

The Brewmaster’s box comes with six models, including the Brewmaster himself. Fingers is a fast and incredibly annoying henchman with some great healing tricks, and Apprentice Wesley is able to step up and become a new Brewmaster if the current Brewmaster meets a violent end. The Moon Shinobi are little green whirlwinds of drunken kung fu and become even deadlier as the Brewmaster pours more and more alcohol into them.  


The Brewmaster is unique among the Gremlin and Ten Thunders factions, for while many of their masters focus upon putting out high amounts of damage or supporting their crew, the Brewmaster prefers to lock down the opponent’s crew by getting them incredibly drunk. This strategy revolves around the Drinking Contest action, which forces enemies around the Brewmaster to take a Willpower duel whenever they declare an action; if they fail, they instead take a drink, healing and poisoning them instead of whatever they had originally intended to do.

Most of the Brewmaster’s attacks are resisted by Willpower, and his high casting value makes him quite good at convincing his enemies to do whatever the Brewmaster wishes (which usually involves drinking something and becoming poisoned). His Intoxication ability lowers the Willpower of nearby enemies by the value of their Poison Condition, further stacking things in the Brewmaster’s favor. As can be expected, the Brewmaster’s crews tend to have at least a minor focus on poison, though they use the Condition more as a debuff mechanic than as a means of damaging his enemies. 

In addition to Poison, the Brewmaster can also hand out the incredibly deliberating Swill Condition, which forces a negative fate modifier on every duel and flip the target makes for the rest of the turn. His upgrades provide additional debuff actions, such as the Hold their Hair Back upgrade, which allows the Brewmaster to purge an enemy’s Poison condition, paralyzing it in the process. The Brewmaster may not be very good at killing things, but he excels at turning an enemy crew into a bunch of drunken, stumbling idiots.