Wyrd Terrain - Plastcraftgames - Circus

Terrain is an important part of any wargaming experience. It helps set the scene and the tone of the game. A single encounter might take place in the forest, on the bayou, in the sewers, in a city, or any other of a myriad number of places.

In Malifaux, terrain is particularly important to help keep your characters safe from your opponent's spells and guns. No miniature collection is complete without some terrain to help fill in the world itself.

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Wyrd has partnered with PlastCraft Games in order to bring you terrain specifically designed for Malifaux. This terrain will help emerse you in the dark world that exists beyond the Breach.

PlastCraft offers a variety of terrain options for Malifaux. They have a city, train, swamp, and most recently a circus collection. Look at their offerings below. You can find most of these items on our webstore.


The sets below come colored, allowing for easy use after assembly.


Standard Sets

These sets help you fill out your gaming table. They can easily be painted to match the aesthetic of your models!

You can click on the images above for assembly instructions, if available.