Malifaux - Outcast & Resurrectionist   - Tara


Orphaned at a young age, Tara had to learn to survive on her own. She never knew exactly what it was that killed her parents, but she learned to survive. Eventually, she found that the skills she had learned could be useful: first as a guide making small money, then as a gun for hire. Killing came to her as easily as breathing. It was a small step to take her skills to Malifaux, where the dangerous country promised only profits for the young woman.

After briefly considering the Freikorps, Tara decided to strike out on her own, gaining a reputation for her uncanny ability to sense when Neverborn were around – and then being able to dispose of them quickly. Then she met Obliteration.

Obliteration invited her inside his prison and she claimed a piece of him, bringing him out into the world. At the crest of her power, when the world was standing before her, a sniper took aim and she was left for dead. It was only through the quick thinking of Karina, a woman she had also brought out of Obliteration's prison, that she was able to recover. It was not the recovery she was hoping for. Karina had raised Tara in death rather than healing her back to health. Either through Karina's skill or Tara's connection to Obliteration, she maintains complete autonomy from her master, able to act in death as she had in life.  

Box Set

Tara’s box comes with six models, including Tara herself. Her totem and assistant Karina provides support for her crew, while the mysterious Nothing Beast floats unimpeded through walls, hunting down its prey no matter where it might hide. The Void Wretches are smaller versions of the Nothing Beast, and their speed and lack of physical bodies make them the ideal minions for carrying out Tara’s wishes.


Tara is a member of the Outcast and the Resurrectionist Factions. She approaches the game very differently than most, using odd tactics and abilities to try to push the game in her favor. She can work well with virtually any Crew as her unique playstyle can benefit nearly everyone.

Time is Tara’s strength. With the ability to give out Fast, remove models temporarily from play (called burying), and gain Reactivate every turn, Tara has more control over AP than any other Master. Since she is capable of having 6 AP of her own, she can accomplish many tasks that other Masters might balk at. While her sword and her gun aren’t amazing attacks, they are solid enough that, coupled with her additional AP, she is able to put out the sort of damage that more combat focused Masters can.

Tara’s Upgrades begin taking her massive amount of AP and shaping it into a playstyle. Eternal Journey allows her to copy the action of a model she’s buried. Knowledge of Eternity gives her the ability to give out Fast and Slow or bury a friendly model. Obliteration Symbiote lets her unbury models and take control of them. Dead of Winter debuffs enemies with fast. By selecting a few of these Upgrades and the pool of general Upgrades available to her as an Outcast or Resurrectionist, Tara is able to fit to the player’s style more precisely.