Special Orders

What are Special Orders?

With the transition to Malifaux Third Edition, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for players to get ahold of new models without overspending or purchasing repeat products. So, in order to accomplish this task we consolidated our SKUs, moving around some models across our boxes.

For brand new M3E boxes, this does mean that some new models will be bundled with previously existing models in order to clean up our products and make it easier than ever to expand your Crews in Malifaux. In instances where a consumer has already purchased some models within a box and doesn’t want to buy it again just for a new model, they don’t need to worry. We’re making an effort to ensure that those concerns are alleviated with the introduction of Special Order boxes.

Special Orders can be made for any completely new Malifaux models (those that weren’t around in M2E) and shipped through us or a local distributor directly to your friendly local game store so that players can pick up any new models without the hassle of duplicates.

How can I take advantage of the Special Order program?

For Players:

Simply go to your local game store or the Wyrd Webstore and place a special order for your new M3E models just as you would any other Wyrd product. As these Special Orders are made on a per order basis, please allow for some additional time to receive your product.

For Retailers:

When placing your normal order with your distributor simply include the additional SKUs for any Special Order models (listed below) and they will be processed the same as the rest of your order. If you are in a particular hurry for a Special Order product (or even a regular product) you may instead reach out and make an order to us directly.

What models are a part of the Special Order program?

Special Orders may only be made for all brand new M3E models in a box if that box also contains previously existing characters. These orders can only be made for the first year of a product’s release. For more information, check out the infographic below:


Below are the products that will be available upon the release of the Special Order Program.:

Order Initiate x3 (Available until 09/2020)

Elijah Borgmann & Firebranded x3 (Available until 09/2020)

Good Ol’ Boy x3 (Available until 09/2020)

As more Malifaux Third Edition boxes are released, more individual models will be added to the Special Order program.

There are still M2E models I want, how can I get those?

For those looking to purchase M2E products, our online Webstore will continue to carry those products for one year (ending in August 2020) or while supplies last. M2E models purchased through the Wyrd Webstore do not contain 3rd edtion Stat Cards.