Malifaux - The Guild - Sonnia Criid

Sonnia Criid

Where there is order, there is always someone trying to disrupt that order.  Sonnia has spent her professional life perfecting the use of her own magic in order to fight against the Arcanists and other illegal magic-users, literally fighting fire with fire. Many members of the Guild feel that she might be overstepping her boundaries, becoming more mage than Guild, but Sonnia understands that sometimes you must cut yourself free of traditional methods and answer your enemy's tactics in kind.

While the Guild battles many threats in the open, Sonnia's task is much harder. The Miners and Steamfitters Union is loved by many in Malifaux, but she has seen through their front. It is more than a worker's rights group: it is a full crime syndicate that must be stopped by any means necessary. It is not enough to raze the offices with fire. Instead, the Witch Hunter Task Force's job must be more subtle. Accidents must happen and conflicts must always be painted such that the M&SU leaders appear to be the instigators. It is a careful war that Sonnia must wage and there are few loyal enough to stay by her side.

Sonnia's great runed blade has struck down more than one witch, enchanted as it has been to confer even greater power over others who use magic. Even when it does not strike a killing blow, the long blade will bind a witch's powers with even the slightest graze. Sonnia will not say where she learned the art of such runed magic, but the Guild has given her free reign in her pursuit of illegal magic use and soulstone recovery.

Box Set

Sonnia Criid’s box set contains six models, including Sonnia Criid herself. She is supported by her second-in-command, Samael Hopkins, a deadly bounty hunter with the ability to put out lots of damage. Her totem, the Purifying Flame, is capable of preventing enemies from using Soulstones to protect themselves from Sonnia’s wrath, and her Witching Stalkers make for dependable minions that explode when killed.   


Sonnia Criid is a Guild Master who enjoys blasting her enemies into the next century. She uses fire magic, making great use of Blaster Markers and the Burning Condition through her spells. Although her speed and Defense are relatively low, she has a fun bag of tricks which make her an interesting and competitive Master. Her Crews will generally favor Witch Hunters or models which hand out Burning, although most Guild models are good choices.

Flameburst is Sonnia’s key damage-dealing spell, so expect to use it frequently while she leads your Crew. It has a great Casting value and range, but Sonnia’s Abilities really make it shine. Flameburst can place Blast Markers, and Sonnia has a much wider range of where she can place Blasts than other Masters, allowing her to cause damage where she needs it. Also, if the target has the Burning Condition, she can target them wherever they are, regardless of Line of Sight (there is no hiding from the head Witch Hunter). Finally, with Confiscated Lore, Sonnia can boost her Defense, Willpower, or Casting. While boosting Sonnia’s defensive stats is always a good option, boosting her Casting gives her one of the most frightening Attacks in the game.

Sonnia’s Upgrades give her a variety of options including the Ability to place Flame Wall Markers to impede enemy movement, the Ability to summon Witchling Stalkers, and a number of ways to thwart enemy spells. Ultimately, Sonnia is a Master who has some weaknesses in terms of speed and defense, but she more than makes up for it in her tendency to burn her enemies to a crisp, wherever they may be hiding.