Malifaux - Resurrectionist   - Seamus


It is unknown just how many people Seamus has killed. One reason is that most of his victims are raised up as part of his harem, and follow him from the scene of the crime. Another is that they are so numerous that an accurate count is nearly impossible. Seamus is listed as one of the most dangerous people in all of Malifaux, trading places with powerful Neverborn on the Guild's most-wanted lists.

Earthside, Seamus was well-respected within his community. When the Breach opened, he planned to take his hatting skills to Malifaux, which looked to be ripe for a change in fashion. What he found instead was a book that whispered its dark secrets to him. What began as a curiosity turned into an obsession. That obsession drove him deeper and deeper into the quarantined area of the city, unearthing more vile secrets with each step.

His most audacious crime came at the height of his madness, when he attempted to summon the Grave Spirit itself. It was only through the good aim of Samael Hopkins that the summoning was broken.

Seamus was left for dead, but Molly, his most successful resurrection, used the Gorgon's Tear to heal him by sealing it inside of his head. The Gorgon's Tear now calls to him, forever binding him to the madness that drives him to stalk the moonlight streets of Malifaux.

Box Set

Seamus’s box comes with six models, including Seamus himself. He is surrounded by his Rotten Belles, the decaying remains of the women he has murdered and raised as undead. The belles are in turn commanded by Madame Sybelle, who has retained the ability to command her girls even after her tragic death. The Copycat Killer tags along behind Seamus, providing a massive gun that can blow a hole in just about anything threatening his master. 


Seamus is a sinister menace, lurking in the shadows of Malifaux. He belongs to the Resurrectionist Faction, and he delights in bringing Rotten Belles back to life. Because Seamus can summone Rotten Belles, you will want some in your collection while playing Seamus, but any models which can manipulate Willpower or Terrifying will be good choices for his Crew.

With a combination of above average Wounds, Terrifying, Impossible to Wound, and the Ability to heal when enemy models fail Willpower duels, Seamus is one of the most difficult Masters to take down in the game. He also packs a fifty caliber flintlock, which can take out many models in a single shot (and a single shot is all it gets per Activation). Finally, Seamus has Back Alley, which allows him to be teleport around the board so long as nobody can see him. When you combine this, you have an unkillable madman who can pop out from behind any corner and blow somebody’s head off. What’s not to love?

When it comes to Upgrades, Seamus must choose between his Bag O’ Tools and his Sinister Reputation, which are both Limited Upgrades. The Bag O’ Tools gives Seamus a great Melee Attack with a host of useful Triggers, and the Sinister Reputation lowers the Willpower of nearby enemies and gives Seamus another ranged Attack. This choice leads to two vastly different experiences. Of course, Seamus has other tricks such as Mad Haberdashery, which allows Seamus to avoid damage as the hat is literally blown off of his head. If you think you would like a solid Master who is capable of chilling your opponents to the bone, Seamus is the man for you.