Malifaux - Arcanist - Rasputina

Sandeep Desai

Sandeep Desai was born in Guild-occupied India. He was one of the many orphans of his city, and he was taken in and raised by a temple. He devoured books on the arcane and soon proved to be a powerful user of magic in his own right, but his peaceful life of learning came to a violent halt the day that the Guild arrested his master for undermining their authority. Sandeep took up his Master’s cursed Gada that day and unleashed the fury of Banasuva for the first time.

Sandeep was personally asked to come to Malifaux by Viktor Ramos in order to help train a new generation of Arcanists in the ways of magic. He holds his classes in secret, instilling in his students a respect for the arcane which he wishes he had on that fateful day back in India. He is an excellent teacher, and Ramos has been pleased with the progress of his students.

The locations of his classes frequently move, staying one step ahead of the Guild. In quiet moments of reflection and meditation, Sandeep often regrets the need for violence and wishes for a peaceful, quiet environment where his students could grow and prosper. He knows the tyranny and cruelty of the Guild all too well, and constant vigilance prevents him from dwelling on his own dark past.

Box Set

Sandeep’s box set contains six models, including Sandeep himself. Kudra, Sandeep’s loyal student, is his right-hand-woman, and she defends her teacher with arcane skill and physical prowess. Sandeep can summon his Totem, Banasuva, to present a large, flaming threat for his opponent. Finally, the Poison Gamin are versatile Minions which Sandeep is also capable of summoning.


Sandeep Desai is an incredibly versatile Master with an entire toolbox of actions. He allows other friendly models to take his Casting Actions, providing this versatility to his entire Crew. Sandeep's ability to adapt to any situation the opponent throws at him makes him a constant threat on the table.

Sandeep’s primary attack action, Arcane Storm, deals decent damage at a range. It has a Tome built into the Casting, meaning any time another model uses this Action, Sandeep gets a free AP from his Student of All Ability. He can use The Mind Among The Senses to pull other models (friendly or enemy) towards him, As Your Deed, So Your Destiny to take free Interact actions, and The Path to Salvation to teleport around the board. By also providing these actions to his Crew, he allows others models to reach their true potential.

Sandeep is a Master who will always want to take at least one of his Upgrades. He has two Limited Upgrades: To Behold Another World and To Command Another Plane, both of which allow him to enhance his Gada Attack. One grants it a Paralyze effect and the other increases its damage. Both Limited Upgrades also allow him to summon Gamin, but which Upgrade you choose will come with different benefits and drawbacks for the summoned Gamin. Finally, Unaligned Sage allows him to hire Academics regardless of Faction and gives him some amazing ways to support Academics. Whatever you think you may face on the table, Sandeep and his Crew can handle it.