Malifaux - Resurrectionist   - Seamus


Reva was born to a wealthy Guild family. She was always an awkward child and never quite fit in, but all of that took on a whole new meaning when her family moved to Malifaux. She began taking walks through graveyards late at night and whispering to spirits that weren’t there. Most disturbingly, she instilled a sense of purpose and devotion in those around her that should have been beyond the ability of a child.

Her family tried everything before finally giving up and locking her in the attic in the name of propriety. In one last, desperate attempt, they sought the help of an Exorcist. Instead of helping to tame the girl, however, he freed her. Now Reva wanders the slums and Quarantine Zone, gathering followers around her as she goes. She even feels an affinity for the undead, which she treats with respect.

Reva is not just a rallying point for those who follow her. If she or her followers are threatened, she responds with fearsome violence. In these moments, her ethereal scythes slash out from nearby corpses, cleaving her victims' souls from their bodies and strengthening Reva with each death.

Box Set

Reva’s box contains seven models, including Reva herself. Vincent St. Clair, the Exorcist who freed her, is always at her side instructing her on how to survive in Malifaux and defending her with his Crossbow. Her totems, the Corpse Candles, can be summoned at the start of her Activation and are useful because she can use them as mobile Corpse Markers. Finally, the Shieldbearers are versatile models which keep on fighting even after they have been killed.


Reva is a Master who is fantastic at dealing damage to enemies from across the board. She attacks by drawing LoS and range from Corpse Markers, meaning most enemies which fall become another potential avenue of attack for Reva. Although she is slightly less resilient than the other Resurrectionist Masters, her ability to stay out of harm’s way and still be effective more than makes up for it.

Reva’s primary attack is Ethereal Reaping, which does an impressive minimum damage of 3 and can choose to target either Defense or Willpower. Due to Strength of the Fallen, Reva can make this attack while drawing LoS and range through any Corpse Marker within 18”. Of course, this means she is hungry for corpses, so Forgotten Dead allows her to place more on the board by summoning Corpse Candles (which Reva may use as mobile Corpse Markers). If an enemy does get close enough to Reva to harm her, she can use Death Shroud to jump away from danger and even gain cover.

Reva’s Upgrades add some great abilities as well. Guises of Death allows her to begin the game with a Corpse Candle on the enemy half of the board and to use Strength of the Fallen even while engaged. Beyond Death gives Reva Regeneration and the Screaming Death Trigger, which allows her to forego damage on a melee attack in order to make a Charge Action. Finally, her Litany of the Fallen Upgrade prevents the damage from her attacks from being reduced. In total, Reva is a highly mobile Master capable of dealing impressive damage at range and jumping away when she is threatened or charging across the board in one final, brutal assault.