Suggested Stock List

Below are the suggested products to begin carrying the Malifaux line:

These products will get you started with Malifaux. If you're looking to expand beyond this, we recommend picking up every Crew Box so your players can purchase any Masters they want.


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Local game stores are very important to us. We strive to work with the stores to provide support, driving customers to your stores.

Henchman Program

Wyrd has a volunteer group, known as Henchmen, who take the time to demo Malifaux and run events. By participating in this program, Henchmen gain access to event kits, promotional material, and special edition products that will encourage players to come to your stores. You can find out more about our Henchman program on our Henchman page.

If there is no one in your local community who is a Henchman, you can encourage them to sign up or use this Henchman list to find any nearby volunteers. Some of our Henchmen are willing to travel quite far in order to help the game grow.

If you ever have any issues with your Henchman, please contact us directly at

Promotional Offers

Every other month, Wyrd tries to drive sales to brick and mortar stores by offering special edition miniatures that are only available through purchases at a store. These promotions take two different forms, and you can find out about our current promotion here.


Promotional Flier - August 2019

Promotional Flier - August 2019

Spend $x or more

A customer that spends a certain amount or more on Wyrd product during the promotion can e-mail us a copy of their receipt to receive a free miniature. 

Limit 1 reward per person. US and international eligible. The receipt must be printed, contain the entire purchase, must show product or SKU code, the date of the purchase, and an address for store. Absolutely no hand written receipts. Stores may be contacted to verify the purchase. Local currencies accepted, but must equal the USD value of the promotion. Rewards will be mailed the following month and chosen at random from the promotion. Wyrd is not responsible for failed deliveries. No exceptions; this is a special limited time promotion.


Buy a new release

A customer that buys a specific product with the "Bonus Model Included" sticker from your store will get the model of that promotion. Bonus models are only included in boxes shipped at the first release.

Add Your Store

Add your store to our Where to Buy page by filling out the form below! Please allow some time for the store to be added to the list.