• Henchman Webstore – At the bottom of the webstore is a link to the Henchman items and your current Soulstones.
  • Organized Play - Various organized play formats, including Gaining Grounds and Rapid Growth.
  • Lucius’ Log – A helpful tournament program, designed to help you manage your events. Developed by community member DeusInnomen. You can see more about it here.

Many links that are useful for our games can be found here, such as FAQ and errata.

You can also find the information included on the new Henchman pamphlet here.


What games can I gain Soulstones for running?

  • At this time, you can only gain Soulstones for running Malifaux or Through the Breach events. This may change in the future.

How much can I change the events from the guidelines?

  • We are not strict about this, however, if this is a significant question for you just e-mail us to ask.

Can two Henchman receive credit for the same event?

  • Possibly. This depends on the event (see below). There need to be enough participants to warrant it, and you’ll both have to follow the process outlined above.  You should contact us in advance with any questions or concerns.
    • League – If your league involves multiple stores and you are in charge of one store and your partner another you'll both get full Soulstones for the people participating at your store.
    • Tournament – If you are both running a tournament together, you will each receive half the number of soulstones usually provided for the event.

Do I have to pay for shipping when I use Soulstones? 

  • Yes, you will still be responsible for shipping costs as well as any additional fees (such as customs) that may apply.

Is there any way my event can get support directly from Wyrd?

  • If your event has more than 32 pre-registered people, please reach out to us via the Contact Us form on the webpage to discuss support. Wyrd will not provide any direct support for events smaller than 32 people. If you get support directly from us, it may impact the possible Soulstone rewards for the event.

Can I earn Soulstones for working a convention?

  • You can earn Soulstones during a convention if you are running events that are supported by the Henchman program. For example, if you’re running a tournament at a Convention, you will earn Soulstones for running that tournament based on the number of players in it.

Can I charge an entry fee for my events and still gain Soulstones?

  • Yes, but any entry fee must go toward prize support or to the host store, you may not make a profit off of events which you are reporting for the Soulstone Support program.

What should I do with extra Guilders?

  • If you didn’t reach the player limit for your Prize Kit, you are encouraged to give them away as additional prizes (such as for best painted) or at demos you run.

How is digital content delivered?

  • Our digital content is delivered via DriveThruRPG to the e-mail account associated with your webstore account. If you want it delivered to a different e-mail, you must specify that in the Comments section of the order.

Are the Limited Edition figures Henchman exclusive?

  • No. All figures will occasionally be available for sale. Henchmen get early and consistent access to these special figures, but that access is not exclusive.

What are Guilders?

  • Guilders are special “poker chips” that can only be gained through participating in Wyrd events. The current plan is to have these become exchangeable for other items in the future, but the details are still being determined.

I have other questions! Who should I contact?

  • Brian: