Malifaux - Arcanist -  Ramos


Once in a generation, a person is born who has both the pure genius and the charisma to find himself with enough political sway to change the world. Doctor Victor Ramos, President of the Miners and Steamfitters Union is one such man. He is the mind behind the Hollow Marsh Pumping station, which has contributed greatly to the safety of Union miners. He has become a hero to the workers, protecting them not only from physical disasters, but also from the designs of the tyrannical Guild.

What the common worker doesn't see, however, is the truth about the Union under Ramos's control. While he has been earning the love of the common man, he has also been earning a place in the back alleys and black markets of Malifaux, using the Union as a front for a far-reaching crime syndicate. Those who find themselves in the upper ranks are those who Ramos trusts most.

His greatest battles are fought in the political realm, finding a way to twist every attack the Guild makes back upon them, raising himself only higher in the minds of the union workers. Even for someone as smart as Ramos, however, physical combat cannot be completely avoided. Ramos often travels with a few of his constructs, dangerous spiders that cling to his enemies. If the fight is not going well, Ramos can use his strange connection to his creations to sacrifice them, causing a burst of electric energy that will damage even the strongest foes.

Box Set

Victor Ramos’s box comes with six models, including Ramos himself. His henchman Joss brings a great warrior to the crew, while the infamous Howard Langston barrels across the battlefield and decapitates enemies with his massive executioner claws. Ramos’s Brass Arachnid totem skitters along behind the others, rewiring its master’s constructs to push them to their limits, while the Arachnid Swarms swarm over any remaining threats, picking them apart in a frenzy of mechanized clacking. 


Ramos is an all-around strong Arcanist Master. His defenses are good, his Attacks can cause havoc, his movement is decent, and he even has access to summoning. He doesn’t bring quite the bag of tricks that Marcus does, but everything that Ramos does is very solid. Many of Ramos’s Upgrades benefit nearby Constructs, so making sure your Ramos list has a few Constructs is usually a good idea.

With Armor +2, the Ability to heal when a nearby Construct dies, and an amazing Defense Trigger, Ramos is no easy model to take down. In addition to that, his Electrical Fire Attack Action is a great Attack to shoot into combat after you have locked the opponent down with some Steam Arachnids. Ramos’s general durability coupled with his great mid-range Attack and the ability to reposition with Magnetism makes him perfect to run the middle of the field, harassing the enemy where ever he is needed. Finally, his Summon the Swarm Action can summon up to three Steam Arachnids with a single AP!

Ramos’s Upgrades further augment his playstyle by adding some great Auras and healing Abilities which allow him to enhance nearby Constructs. This allows him to benefit his own Crew while harassing the enemy near the middle of the field. Also, he should rarely leave home without the Electric Summoning Upgrade, which gives him access to another summoning Action and more precious Scrap Markers. Ramos is a solid, all-around Master and he is a great starting point for any Arcanist collection.