Malifaux - The Guild - Perdita Ortega

Perdita Ortega

The name Ortega is known throughout Malifaux as the first resource in fighting the war with the Neverborn. The family's history is ignoble, welcomed into the Guild only when times were too desperate for them to turn anyone away. Perdita Ortega is one of the finest shots in the family. In addition to renowned skill with a Peacebringer, she has an iron will that leaves no room for disrespect from anyone, family or not. Traditionally, leadership should have fallen to the eldest: Francisco, but such was her skill with diplomacy and tactics that he recognized her ability and stepped aside for the good of the entire family.

Stories have spread through all of Malifaux about the exploits of the Ortegas under Perdita's command. They say that she can shoot a target with her eyes closed, that she once killed three Neverborn with a single bullet, and that she can hit a target around a corner. Few have been brave enough to go to the source of these rumors, but those who have leave with even more questions.

Despite being one of the best hunters in the land, Perdita shares a strange connection to the Neverborn that approach her camp. She is one of the few who have managed to capture one of them alive and has bound it to her will. This has been the foundation of many rumors about her mother's identity. People who dare to ask such questions directly to the family, however, are not often able to ask questions again.

Box Set

Perdita Ortega’s box comes with six models, including Perdita herself. Her older brother Francisco provides a dangerous melee counterpoint to the blazing guns of her other brother, Santiago. Papa Loco brings far more dynamite than any man truly needs to the fight, while the stealthy Nino watches over everything from a distance, picking off his enemies with careful precision. Perdita’s totem is the Enslaved Nephilim, which regretfully supports her crew as they hunt down its brethren. 


Perdita Ortega is the Guild gunslinger. She is capable of laying down a volley of fire to keep her enemies at bay while commanding her battle-hardened family. Although Perdita has a lower number of Wounds than average, her Attacks, Defense, and mobility are all excellent. She has a number of Abilities which benefit from having Family models around, so they should be a prime choice when assembling a Perdita Crew.

Perdita is known for cutting her enemies down with her Peacebringer, and this is definitely her most frightening Attack. She has an impressive fourteen inch range, but she can still use her shooting Attacks up close, meaning that she isn’t vulnerable to close combat like so many other ranged models. In fact, her shooting Attacks actually become more potent when she is up close. When that is coupled with the ability to Obey other models into following her orders, some amazing Triggers, and the capability to reposition at the cost of a card at the start of every Activation, Perdita becomes a force to be reckoned with.

In terms of Upgrades, Perdita has some great options. She can gain the Ability to ignore a number of pesky obstacles with her Attacks such as cover, Armor, and Incorporeal. She can also gain defenses against ranged Attacks, bonuses to her Willpower, and she can even boost the Willpower of Family models near her. All around, Perdita is just a solid Master with a lot of fun ranged and movement tricks, who doesn’t crumple when she gets in the thick of things.