Malifaux - Outcasts -  Von Schill

Parker Barrows

Parker Barrows thought he was going to inherit a fortune, but it was taken from him by his cowardly brother. The wretch didn’t even have the nerve to steal it honestly; he hid behind lawyers and a judge.

Now Parker stalks the Northern Hills with the Barrows gang, a group of outlaws and bandits just as contemptuous of the law as he is. They steal anything that isn’t bolted down, hitting caravans, robbing trains, and shaking down travelers, rebuilding the fortune he was denied. Parker has his standards, however; when he steals from a man, his victim damn well knows it.

The gang is not picky about who they rob and has stolen from everyone, from the Guild to the Arcanists. The Barrows gang isn’t worried about taking sides; they’ll steal from anyone who has valuables to take. Parker has become more daring with each heist, hitting everything from the Guild’s Soulstone transports to Union payroll trains. 

Box Set

Parker’s box contains six models, including Parker himself. Mad Dog Brackett is Parker’s primary muscle, blasting through any problems the Crew encounters with his shotgun and dynamite. Parker’s Totem, Doc Mitchell, is a reluctant hostage forced to heal the Crew up when they come a little too close to meeting their makers, and the Bandidos are highly mobile Minions, capable of laying down impressive covering fire on the move.


Parker Barrows provides amazing ranged attacks combined with the ability to deny enemy Schemes and change up his plan mid-game. At the end of his Activation, he can discard cards to change enemy Scheme Markers into friendly ones, easily thwarting the enemy’s plan. He also has the ability to swap his Upgrades around, giving him unprecedented versatility.

Parker’s primary attack comes from his Six-Shooters, which he can use at range or while engaged. While attacking, he can choose to discard his Upgrades to deal more damage, allowing him to put down a high-priority target in a single blow. He can also force the enemy to drop Scheme Markers, which he puts to his own uses later. Finally, he can reposition his own Crew with The Job’s Not Done Yet and stop enemies from taking critical Tactical Actions with Hands In The Air.

Parker can use Five Finger Discount to attach new Upgrades during the game, so his Upgrades are very important. In fact, Parker has seven Upgrades to his name, far more than most Masters, so we'll only cover a few here.

His Limited Upgrades are Black Market and Highwayman, both of which provide Bullet Proof and reward him for removing enemy Scheme Markers. Black Market makes it easier for his Crew to take Interact actions, while Highwayman makes them better at attacking. Since he can swap between them, he is not stuck with one Limited Upgrade all game like most Masters! Parker is a vicious Bandit who guns down anyone in his way, turns his opponent’s resources against them, and can change tactics in the middle of a firefight.