Wyrd occasionally hosts online monthly painting contests for the community. All Wyrd painting contests are open to everyone of any skill level, and we encourage you to use these contests as motivation to get some of your backlog painted as well as show off your work to others!

What Contests Are Coming Up?


Below are some of our contests. If one is currently going on, head on over to our forum to find out more details!  Check out the rules here.



Fangs, tails, claws, or wings - all of this helps qualify your model to be a star of the Creature Feature. The creatures of the world demand their time to shine! Your miniature must be distinctly NOT humanoid. This means animals, supernatural beasts, or anything that is clearly not humanoid. This does not include clearly humanoid monsters such as vampires, elves, dwarves, or cyborgs. Bring out your most fearsome beasts for this competition!

Does your model have overwhelming muscles? The need for a big weapon? The underlying instinct to show off for the fairer sex? If the answer is yes, then your miniature is more than qualified for the Total Testosterone painting contest. To maintain a tight theme for this contest, your miniature must be male and a human (or humanoid type). Elf, human, dwarf, or cybernetically enhanced soldiers are all acceptable, so long as it’s packing a plethora of testosterone.

The most dangerous women of the miniature world are ready to kick some ass. Just like with Total Testosterone, this contest has a tight theme. Your miniature must be female and a human (or humanoid type). Again, elf, human, dwarf, cybernetically enhanced soldiers all can fit the bill. Any weapon toting, spell wielding, powerful woman that can take your breath away, permanently, will do just fine!

How Do I Sign Up?

The great news is that you sign up just by entering! 

Our monthly painting contests all take place online. Pictures of miniatures can be submitted any time during the contest up until midnight of the cut-off date, but none will be visible until the day voting begins. Submissions after the cutoff date will not be accepted, no exceptions. If you need to make a change, upload the image again and inform Kai (via PM on the Wyrd forum) to remove the old file.

All submissions must be in one of the two categories listed below.  A forum account is required to submit entries.


Single Model

This is as many models as you want on a single base or in a single scene.

This is a single model which is on a reasonably sized base. Basing elements can and should be included but should not be the primary focus.


Scoring on our monthly painting contests is completed by the community via votes on the Wyrd forum. Anyone wishing to vote will need a Wyrd forum account. Once voting begins, it will remain open until midnight EST (MGT -5) on the last day. The winner in each category will be decided by whichever entry receives the most votes. Every forum member has 1 vote per category. In the case of a tie, Wyrd will have an internal vote to decide the winner.

Check out the forum for more details about specific painting contests.


Every good competition needs a prize. A gold medal to chase after. This is no different. For all of our monthly competitions (Total Testosterone, Femme Fatale, and Creature Feature) we will be using the following prize structure. There will be a 1st-3rd for both categories.

  • 1st Place: $100 in Wyrd webstore credit, a contest t-shirt, and Art Design*
  • 2nd Place: $75 in Wyrd webstore credit and a contest t-shirt
  • 3rd Place: $50 in Wyrd webstore credit and a contest t-shirt
  • 5 Randomly Selected Participants: $25 in Wyrd webstore credit
  • Participation: Forum Badge

*Art Design will work with our in-house artist on a visual for a character that fits the theme of the contest that they won. You will be able to provide a brief description of what you’re looking for. This does not give you the rights to the art. Wyrd Miniatures, LLC reserves the rights to use the art  in future publications.