Every contest needs rules and this one is no different! Pay attention please as we don’t want any hard feelings or disqualifications due to rule bending/breaking. If you have questions, ASK!

In order to participate in the contest you must create an account on the Wyrd Miniatures forum in order to submit an entry and to vote in the polls which will decide the winners of the contest. You are encouraged to enjoy the forums and participate, but it is NOT required in any fashion in order to enjoy the Wyrd Painting Contest.

When participating in the competition, you must submit a miniature that is in line with the current THEME that is being hosted. There will be several themes throughout the year so if one theme doesn’t catch your interest, perhaps the next one will.

The work must be yours alone, no passing off of someone else’s work as your own. You CAN submit a miniature that someone else has converted or sculpted for you though – just not painted, based, etc…

You are allowed to submit MULTIPLE entries to the contest. As many as you can paint, you can submit – though you can only place once per category (you can win in multiple categories, just once per category). Please, when submitting though, indicate which categories you care submitting for as well as the manufacturer and name of the miniature. Each miniature can only be in ONE category for the competition. I reserve the right to delete and/or place a miniature in the proper category if it is not stated or is ‘misplaced’.

The miniature can be from any manufacturer, or a custom miniature you have created yourself as long as it lies within the current theme. Conversions are allowed and encouraged.

The miniature cannot have been displayed in any forum elsewhere on the internet or published mediums such as magazines. All contest entries will be displayed anonymously so as to give no one person an unfair advantage (this isn’t a popularity contest) and thus there can be no signatures or watermarks upon them. This includes naming the photo or file. No announcing on forums, webpage, blogs or any other type of medium about the type of miniature that you will be painting, nor concept or WIP photos.

The categories for the contest will likely change from theme to theme as well as the possible number of categories should the subject matter allow for it.

When photographing and editing your pictures, please submit them in .JPG (JPEG) format, with a file size no larger than 2mb. I’m not much worried about length as it will allow you to fit in angles of the photograph. If you send me a photograph that doesn’t fall within the limits prescribed above, I will ask that you fix this as otherwise your entry will not be accepted.

Miniatures can be submitted any time during the contest though none will be showcased until the day after the final submissions date. Submissions will be accepted up until Midnight, EASTERN U.S. time, on the closing date of the currently running contest. Submissions after the cutoff date will NOT be accepted, no exceptions.

The Galleries will only go live when voting commences.

Some of the painting entries may be selected to appear in Wyrd Chronicles using the forum name of the individual who submitted.