The young matriarch of the LaCroix family has spent her time between editions gathering up every strange weapon she can find. These devastating weapons are represented by Arsenal Upgrades that give her a wide variety of ways to hinder and harm her enemies. While never known to run from a fight, Ophelia’s Kin do have a tendency to Flinch when the odds aren’t in their favor, giving them additional shielding when faced with adverse odds.


Even among the Gremlins, there is a chance that someone will appear who is a genius within her species. Ophelia is one such Gremlin, with an intellect that would put many humans to shame, if she were given the chance to study academia. Regardless, Ophelia quickly rose to a position of respect in her family, the LaCroix. It couldn’t have come at a better time, for the Ortegas had begun exterminating her kind, seeing them as little more than pests.

Instead of just throwing waves of her kin at them, Ophelia probed the Ortegas and tested their methods, adapting her strategies and learning from her mistakes. Steadily, she began to drive the Ortegas out of the Bayou. It was during one of these missions that Ophelia led a daring raid on the Ortega camp and successfully snatched Perdita’s wide-brimmed hat for herself. With it to solidify her leadership, she became a legend overnight.

The Gremlins under Ophelia are some of the calmest and bravest of their kind, trained to respond to her orders (though they sometimes get distracted). While she was one of the more popular contenders for Gremlin-General, a sudden vote change gave the victory to Lenny. This alone would be enough to put her in a sour mood, but Som’er has started sending criers to LaCroix territory to loudly proclaim Lenny’s victory, sometimes twice a day.

As though managing the constant outpouring of abominations from the Red Cage wasn’t already enough, having random and loud proclamations announced across the Bayou was enough to light in Ophelia. After sending back one of the Gremlin Crier’s hats (with the Gremlin’s head still attached) back to Som’er, the Bayou has considerably and thankfully quieted down.

Unfortunately, with the increasing numbers of abominations pouring out of the Red Cage and grootslangs charging out of their holes for safety, Ophelia’s continuous string of headaches seem to be never ending, and her only relief as of late is to unload a few guns into something that gives her a dirty look.

Luckily, as if there was a caveat to the Bayou being overrun by beasts and terrors, there’s almost always a worthwhile target in her sights to let loose some of her frustration.

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Francois LaCroix

Sammy LaCroix


Young LaCroix x3

LaCroix Raider x3


Raphael LaCroix

Rami LaCroix

Merris LaCroix

Pere Ravage