Malifaux - Gremlin   - Ophelia


Even among the Gremlins, there is a chance that someone will appear who is a genius within her species. Where most of her family and friends are more concerned with the moonshine and the trinkets found in human settlements, Ophelia has grander schemes. She was in line to become the next Gremlin over-boss, the first girl Gremlin to hold the position in as long as Gremlins could remember, though, to be fair, most Gremlins don't know any history.

Seeing the Gremlins as little more than pests, the Ortega family began to exterminate them. Ophelia responded by doing more than just throwing waves of her own kin at them. She studied them and learned from her own tactical mistakes.

It was during one of these missions that she realized who the leader was in her enemy's group and saw that there was one thing she was lacking. It was an independent but identical realization to Som'er's; that it was the person with the big hat who gave the orders. The following raid was the most successful one yet, their entire goal being the theft of Perdita Ortega's wide-brimmed hat. Finally uniformed properly, Ophelia knew that it was only a matter of time until she could stop the invaders.

The Gremlins beneath her are some of the calmest and bravest in all of gremlinkind, trained to respond to her orders (though they sometimes get distracted). Whatever means she uses to gain and keep control over her family, it's been working, and if she were more centrally located she might be giving Som'er a run for most wanted gremlin in the Bayou.

Box Set

Ophelia LaCroix’s box comes with eight models, including Ophelia herself. Her henchman, Francois, is a strong and versatile warrior, while Raphael is more of a bully with a big gun and a refusal to die. Rami provides the crew with some long-ranged fire support, while Pere Ravage just brings fire… lots and lots of fire. The Young Lacroix follow after Ophelia, handing her the guns and ammunition she needs to fill her enemies full of bullets. 


Ophelia LaCroix is the ranged combat master of the Gremlins. While the shortest of all the Gremlin masters at a measly Height 1, Ophelia makes up for her short stature with lots and lots of guns. Her Rough Riders are a dependable attack that come with a built in attack bonus, but once she starts hitting her Thinkin’ Luck Trigger, her damage skyrockets to truly impressive levels. Not many models can withstand a dedicated assault from Ophelia, and her “Shoot High, Boys” ability allows her and those around her to ignore Height 1 models when shooting into melee, ensuring that their bullets go into the enemy and not into her shorter allies.

While some Gremlins might be content with a pair of great pistols, Ophelia has gone the extra mile and stockpiled an entire arsenal of brutal weapons. Each of these is represented with a different upgrade, and all are designed to be useful in specific circumstances. My Threatenin’ Gun, for instance, does high damage and forces Ophelia’s victim to make a Horror Duel, while her Hooch Igniter only does the bare minimum of damage, but also spreads out a high number of blasts, ignores cover, and lights everything it touches on fire. The Jug Rocket doesn’t ignore cover, but does ignore Line of Sight, making it a strange but useful weapon for those pesky models hiding on the other sides of buildings or Dense forests. The downside to these weapons is that they’re discarded after Ophelia fires them, but her Reload action allows her to reattach these upgrades at the cost of an action point.

While Ophelia is mostly focused on just shooting her enemies dead, she does have a few other tricks up her sleeves. Her With my Eyes Closed action allows her to show off for her crew, granting her a bonus at the cost of allowing her opponent to choose the target of her wrath. Alternatively, she can use her Gremlin charms to draw her fellow Gremlins closer to her with the Ooo, A Girl! Action, and most of her gun upgrades also give her some sort of support action in addition to their unique attack.  As one of the more deadly Gremlin masters, Ophelia is a good choice for anyone that just wants to shoot everything dead.