Malifaux - Resurrectionist   - Nicodem


Nicodem is a gentleman by action rather than resources. Though his roots are peasant in nature, he has overcome them with a natural skill for interpersonal politics.

His job is to find places to bury the numerous dead that pass though the city. Both martial and civilian deaths must pass through him before they can be interred.  Where many would find themselves falling into a depression over such a morbid task, Nicodem bears it with a grace that sets him above the other Resurrectionists.

As he oversaw bodies being buried, he began to hear their stories. Soon, he learned their secrets. In the darkness of the night he practiced raising the dead, and soon it became second nature. Though the zombies he raises are often mindless, they benefit from being raised en masse.

Nicodem can sense a dead body even when he isn't thinking about it, and can raise the body with only a moment’s thought. As the person who decides where the dead are to be buried, he has overseen new cemeteries near the heart of the city. Once they are filled with enough bodies, he will be able to strike, taking the Governor-General out of office and allowing him to rise to his appropriate station on the backs of the undead hordes.

Box Set

Nicodem’s box comes with six models, including Nicodem himself. His Punk Zombies provide exceptionally deadly minions that form the front line of his offense, while his assistant Mortimer is content to hang back behind them, digging up fresh corpses for Nicodem while annoying the enemy with his constant chatter. Rounding out the crew is Nicodem’s totem, the vulture, which excels at picking up corpses and carrying them to just the right spot for Nicodem to reanimate them. 


Nicodem is the ultimate summoner in the Resurrectionist Faction. He doesn’t dirty his hands by killing his enemies himself or waste his time toying with his prey; Nicodem is here to do one thing and one thing only: put as many Undead on the board as he can. Many of his Actions and Abilities can benefit Undead, so they will be a solid choice for any Nicodem Crew; however any model that can generate Corpse Markers is a good selection as well.

The Re-animator Action allows Nicodem to summon any Resurrectionist Undead Minion, so long as he can find a Corpse Marker from which to create it. The rest of his Actions and Abilities are geared towards benefiting Undead in various ways; he can give them bonuses to Melee and Defense, heal them, give them Fast, and make them Immune to Slow (which is really handy, because otherwise summoned models always come in Slow). You want Nicodem right behind the front lines, close enough to buff his Crew and summon models where they are needed, but not so close that he is in the middle of the Action.

Nicodem’s Upgrades allow him even more ways to boost his Undead Minions from bonuses to Casting and damage flips, to the capability to grant them cover from ranged Attacks. He can also gain the Ability to redirect Attacks from himself onto his Undead hordes. If you think the world just needs a few more zombies, Nicodem is your man.