Waldo's Weekly - This Must Be The Place


Hey Wyrdos,

As it turns out, Waldo never made it to our booth at Gen Con. He saw the Will Call line, turned right around, and spent the rest of the weekend hanging out behind the food trucks instead. Our little imp likes root beer and noodles. Who knew? Now that we’re in the office, though, he’s back to his old antics and has already started setting things on fire again.

So while we make sure he doesn’t burn all of the web orders before we sort through them all, let’s take a look back at this past week with our first Community Spotlight!

This year at Gen Con, we at Wyrd decided to try something new and set up the larger of our two booths in the Event Hall so that we could be within the heart of our community, and we’re sure glad we did. Being surrounded by new and veteran players alike as they enjoyed our various games and events got us even more excited about the next few months (and years) for what’s to come.

So, for this Waldo’s Weekly, we’re taking some time to celebrate our fantastic community that showed up and supported us at Gen Con.

In addition to our new booth setup, we also experimented a bit with some new events and ways to give back. Our first ever painting competition, A Dash of Color, was a huge success. Hobbyists of all skill levels got together to paint some our minis from both The Other Side and Malifaux. Check out the gallery below to see what some of the participants managed to pull off in just two short hours!

Some of our popular characters showed up at the booth as members of our community put together elaborate cosplays, too. If you were there at Gen Con, you might have run into the beastmaster, Marcus, or the leader of the Death Marshals, Lady Justice! One of our volunteers, Ariel, came dressed to take out the King’s Empire as the Stormsiren from The Other Side. You can see her incredible rendition of this Commander of the Gibbering Hordes below!


Our other gaming events were also rousing successes. Whether you play The Other Side and Malifaux competitively or casually, there was either a tournament or event for you. You can see the gallery of just a small sample of the events that were being run this year.

This was The Other Side’s first time of being available at Gen Con, so we went full force on the events this year. The first Battle of Four Fronts, a team-based scenario for The Other Side, put teammates in opposite corners while vying for control over a battlefield torn asunder by the chaos of multiple Allegiances. Gen Con’s first official One and Two Commander tournaments for our large-scale wargame pitted friend and foe alike for the taste of victory. Congratulations are in order to both John H., who played the Cult of the Burning Man in the Midnight Run tournament, and Jon G., who played Abyssinia in the Champions of Earth tournament, for walking away as champions!

Players also gathered around the table to play in the first set of Malifaux Third Edition’s tournaments for Henchman Hardcore, (the first ever) Double Rush, and, of course, our annual Tyrant Tournament. We saw both seasoned players returning to the game and new players being brought into the fold throughout the convention; it was great to see both familiar and fresh faces at the table. Congratulations are in order to Rob P., who walked away with the Tyrant belt by showing off the power of the Neverborn!


Wyrd at Gen Con wouldn’t be possible without our incredible community and volunteers, and this year was no different. Bringing an established game into a new edition brought on a new set of challenges, and those who stuck around the booth rose above and beyond to face the challenge. New players sat down at our Learn to Play and Demo tables to be introduced to our games, and were flipping cards and taking out models within minutes. Words cannot express how appreciative we are for everyone who came to show their love of our games, but it’s worth giving a shot, anyway. From everyone here at Wyrd: Thank you.

If you couldn’t make it to Gen Con this time, we hope to see you next year!

A special thank you goes out to everyone who took photos of our events and sent them our way. Last, but certainly not least, thank you to Cole and Mahtias, who ran the tournaments for both The Other Side and Malifaux, respectively.

A Little Bad With the Good

Hey Wyrdos,

We just wanted to give you a quick update before we head off to Gen Con. We’ve got a lot to talk about, so we might as well dig in.

Let’s start with the bad news first. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen production and shipping difficulties that we did not anticipate, some of the products that we had listed as available preorders will not be making their way to Gen Con this year. The Faction Books won’t be making it in time to Indianapolis. We’re equally as bummed about it, but sadly, these things happen. Luckily, they will be arriving in our warehouse just a little bit later than expected, so you will still be able to purchase the Faction Books during the Gen Con web sale.

This shipping hiccup is also going to impact some model preorders. Despite our best efforts, it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to make it a cold summer this year, as neither the Rasputina nor the Euripides Core Boxes will be available for purchase. We’ll have news on when these boxes will become available when we get back.

Now let’s get to good news, shall we?

August is just around the corner, and we’re excited to announce that our LGS Promotions will be coming back!

If you’re new or just not familiar, we at Wyrd used to run a monthly promotion where you could get special offers like models by purchasing a certain amount at your local game store (and other promotions relating to buying your Wyrd products there). We stopped running this promotion for a while, but we’re back at it, and we’re starting it up again with a bang. And the smell of roasted pork.

You can find the details of our first promotion for Malifaux Third Edition by checking out this handy graphic below:


But that’s not the only promotion that we’re running. If you didn’t hear us last time we mentioned it, here’s a reminder. For any and all Malifaux Third Edition books that you purchase (this includes the Core Rulebook and any/all of the Faction Books) a physical copy for, KEEP THE RECEIPT. Starting September, you will be able to send in a copy of your receipt for a digital version of the same book that you purchased. This offer will continue through December 15th. This is a great way to have your rules and lore on the go!

That’s it from us. We’ve got to catch a flight (and beat Waldo to Indianapolis).

We hope to see you there!

Waldo's Weekly - Worlds Apart

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, we only heard from Waldo after he called us on accident. Apparently, he had hallucinated due to walking in the heat for so long and thought he was ordering a pepperoni pizza. He rambled on about seeing flying horses, and let us know that he might catch a ride with them in order to make the trip a little bit shorter.

So while he’s out dreaming of garlic knots and grandiose guardians, let’s check out a brand new digital release for Through the Breach, the Obsidian Gate!


Fatemasters, shuffle your deck and wrangle some miscreants and ne’er-do-wells to the table, because it’s time for you and the Fated to dive back in for another adventure. This time, we’re headed back to Earth, starting in a sleepy coastal town in Japan. Nothing bad happens in quiet, peaceful places, right? …Right?

You might remember the global RPG campaign that we ran last year, which impacted future releases for The Other Side (more on Dr. John Watson soon!).  Fatemasters ran their Fated through trial and tribulation, many of whom died along the way (only to later come back as one of the other fourteen characters available in the adventure). For those that managed to make their way to the end, they saw a glimpse of what is to come for the people of Earth, and for the next looming challenge they will need to face.

For those who didn’t have the chance to dip their toes into the Obsidian Gate, don’t fret. Now the four-act adventure is available on DriveThruRPG (with a physical book coming early in the fourth quarter of this year).  The best part? You can download it right now. No preview. No playtesting. No waiting in line.

That’s not the only thing we’re covering this week, though. As an addition to our digital release of the Obsidian Gate on DriveThruRPG, we have also released Malifaux Third Edition stat cards for all of our July releases.

Here’s a list of what you can find either on our website or on Wargame Vault right now:

  • Lady Justice Core Box (which includes Lady Justice, The Judge, Scales of Justice, and 3 Death Marshals)

  • Marcus Core Box (which includes Marcus, Myranda, the Jackalope, and 3 Order Initiates)

  • Loyalty to Coin box (of which the two new cards that are now available are the new Student of Conflict and the new Taelor stat cards)

If you don’t want to be spoiled in the Obsidian Gate adventure, I’d suggest closing out of this browser window now, because we’re about to reveal a model that will be coming to The Other Side, but is also in the adventure itself.

This is your last chance to keep yourself spoiler-free!

Really, I’m warning you!

All right. If you didn’t already know, the next two Allegiances that will be coming to The Other Side are the Three Kingdoms and the Kimon. In the Obsidian Gate, you’ll be running across a few oni. The one in particular that we’ll be covering today will also be a playable unit in the Kimon Allegiance when the second book arrives early-ish next year.

According to legend, the Quilin once roamed the Earth in packs, trampling what stood in their path to dust, until they were tricked into believing that the dirt beneath their hooves was not worthy of their touch, and from that day forward, they raced across the skies instead.

In the Other Side, the Quilin are an incredibly mobile unit that are capable of charging across the battlefield in a matter of seconds. When in Glory, the Quilin can take Morale Actions as part of a Rush Order instead of Melee Actions. This provides them with an unparalleled capability to claim Objectives during a game. But these oni are not one-trick ponies; they have the powerful debuffing Ability, Protect Kindred, which allows them to spread Shaken tokens across their enemies when a nearby friendly Kimon is attacked.

Below, you can see what one of them will look like on the table, with both the art and the render of their upcoming model.


Waldo will be with us next week at Gen Con, so there won’t be a Waldo’s Weekly. When we get back, we’ll have plenty more to show. See you then.


Wyrd at Gen Con 2019 Newsletter

Hey Wyrdos,

Gen Con is fast approaching. In exactly two weeks, we will be in Indianapolis, taking part in The Best Four Days in Gaming™. You’ll be able to find us in not one, but two booths, with one in each the Event and Exhibit halls, so make sure to say hi to us in both places!

We’ve got plenty in store for the big event, and what better way to let you know everything we’ll have there in regards to events and products than a newsletter? We’ll be going over events you can participate in, products you can purchase, and more!
Before we get into what we’ll have at Gen Con, we have a special announcement to make. We’re hiring! That’s right; we’re looking at expanding our team with an artist and two additional game designers.

If you've got an artistic eye and want to help us make our games as visually stunning as they are mechanically memorable, reach out to us!

Whether you’re an experienced designer or you’ve got an analytical mind and are constantly looking for ways to improve game worlds and mechanics, we’re interested in hearing from you!

If you've applied for a position in the past but it didn't work out back then, don't be discouraged. We encourage you to apply again!

Head over to our Job Opportunities page to see if you are who we are looking for! 
This year, we’re going all out by creating a bunch of exciting and competitive events for players who enjoy both Malifaux and The Other Side. If you haven’t yet signed up, there’s still time (but not much!), so make sure to head over to the Gen Con Event page and sign up for all of the events that strike your fancy. And if you don’t sign up, or if an event is filled up, it’s worth showing up – as long as there’s room, we’ll gladly allow walk-ups.

Below are brief descriptions of each Event:


Throughout the course of Gen Con, we will be hosting various tournaments for both Malifaux: Third Edition and The Other Side. 

Malifaux: Third Edition

  • Double Rush Team Tournament (Thursday 9am - 4pm): Work together with your partner in a micro-Crew environment to claim victory as part of this Team Tournament. Each player needs their own 10SS M3E Crew (plus Master and Totem).
  • Henchman Hardcore Tournament (Sunday 9am - 1pm): Test your mettle in this fast-paced, brutal format using updated M3E Henchman Hardcore Rules.
  • Tyrant Tournament (Friday 8am - 6pm): Determine the top Tyrant of Malifaux in the first official Malifaux: Third Edition Tournament! This is a 3 Round M3E Tournament with 50SS Crews. 

The Other Side

  • Titan Smash! (Friday 10am -12pm) (Sunday 10am -12pm): Bring your Titans to bear in this fast-paced multiplayer format.
  • Midnight Run Tournament (Friday 6pm - Sat 1am): Will you have the strength to go through with this 3 Round, One Commander Tournament?
  • Battle on Four Fronts Team Event (Saturday 3pm- 9pm): This is a 2 Round, 16 player team event. Each player needs their own Two Commander Company, which will be split across two games. 
  • Champions of Earth Tournament (Thursday 10am - 6pm): Bring the full force of your Company for this 3 Round, Two Commander Fields of Glory Tournament. 

Daily Events

Every day at Gen Con, we are going to be running a few recurring events* so that players can get their "Faux Fix" at their own leisure. *Sunday's event schedule may vary.

Through The Breach

  • Crafting a New Character's Fate (9am - 11am)Begin to understand your Destiny and step through the Breach by learning the basics of gameplay and Character Creation in Through the Breach: 2nd Edition. Take these new characters and a new Fate deck to any other Through the Breach event at Gen Con.
  • Adventures (12pm - 3pm) & (4pm - 7pm): Journey with us through the world of Malifaux in one of our One-Shot Adventures, and take a copy of the Adventure home with you afterward.

Malifaux Third Edition

  • Learn to Play (Every Hour 9am - 11pm): Come and learn Malifaux or get a refresher on Third Edition!

The Other Side

  • Learn to Play (Every Hour 9am - 11pm): Come and learn to play The Other Side.
Board Games
  • Darkness Comes Rattling - War of the Spirits (6pm - 9pm): Come play the new expansion for Darkness Comes Rattling, War of the Spirits. Fight back against the Darkness and learn the secrets of the Winds in this cooperative game. Promos are available for all players.


  • A Dash of Color (11am - 1pm) (3pm - 5pm) (7pm - 9pm): Come join Wyrd Games for our take on a speed painting event! All skill levels welcome. In each event, all participants will be provided with the same model (a different model for each event!) and will have to fully paint it within the time allotted. Judges for each event will decide the winner, who will walk away with a special prize! All participants will at least walk away with the model they painted. All models will be pre-built and pre-primed before the show.
If you find yourself in one of the tournaments, you’ve got a chance to win one of our brand new trophies, which we'll be showing off soon!

In addition to our trophies, if you participate in any of our events, whether it's a demo, a tournament, or speed painting, you'll walk away with a sweet Waldo pin, pictured below!
Here you can find the exhaustive list of every Malifaux Third Edition product we will have at Gen Con. Unless stated otherwise in the list below, these will be available at the big event AND on our webstore during our Gen Con online sale.
WYR23001 Malifaux Core Rulebook  $    20.00
WYR23002 Guild Faction Pack  $    20.00
WYR23003 Resurrectionist Faction Pack  $    20.00
WYR23004 Arcanist Faction Pack  $    20.00
WYR23005 Neverborn Faction Pack  $    20.00
WYR23006 Outcast Faction Pack  $    20.00
WYR23007 Bayou Faction Pack  $    20.00
WYR23008 Ten Thunders Faction Pack  $    20.00
WYR23009 Dead Mans Hand Pack  $       7.00
WYR23011 M3E Fate Deck  $    13.00
WYR23101 Basse Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23302 Burning Bridges   $    50.00
WYR23701 Youko Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23010 General Upgrades Pack  $       8.00
WYR23012 Guild Faction Book  $    25.00
WYR23014 Arcanist Faction Book  $    25.00
WYR23015 Neverborn Faction Book  $    25.00
WYR23104 Lady Justice Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23301 Marcus Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23502 Loyalty to Coin   $    28.00
WYR23106 Nellie Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23107 Perdita Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23108 Sonnia Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23124 Brutal Fate   $    40.00
WYR23205 Seamus Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23206 Reva Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23224 Carrion Fate   $    40.00
WYR23312 Ironsides Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23315 Kaeris Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23316 Sandeep Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23319 Arcane Fate   $    40.00
WYR23407 Pandora Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23422 Titania Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23425 Mysterious Fate   $    40.00
WYR23512 Tara Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23515 Parker Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23519 Hamelin Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23522 Jack Daw Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23525 Hodgepodge Fate   $    40.00
WYR23610 Mah Tucket Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23614 Zipp Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23617 Brewmaster Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23619 Ulix Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23624 Lucky Fate   $    40.00
WYR23712 Lucas Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23714 Mei Feng Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23715 Asami Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23720 Shenlong Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23725 Shadow Fate   $    40.00
WYR23017 Bayou Faction Book  $    25.00
WYR23018 Ten Thunders Faction Book  $    25.00
WYR23303 Colette Core Box  $    50.00
WYR23601 Som'er Core Box  $    55.00
WYR23713 One Born Every Minute  $    27.00
WYR23109 Pathfinder and Clockwork Traps   $    21.00
WYR23125 Pale Rider  $    30.00
WYR23126 Guild Steward   $    11.00
WYR23213 Rogue Necromancy  $    30.00
WYR23220 Draugr  $    21.00
WYR23222 Necropunks  $    21.00
WYR23225 Dead Rider  $    30.00
WYR23320 Mechanical Rider  $    30.00
WYR23405 Teddy  $    18.00
WYR23406 Carver   $    18.00
WYR23411 Cyclops   $    40.00
WYR23421 Grootslang   $    30.00
WYR23424 Killjoy   $    18.00
WYR23426 Hooded Rider  $    30.00
WYR23427 Hinamatsu  $    15.00
WYR23510 Ashes and Dust  $    30.00
WYR23606 Swine-Cursed   $    18.00
WYR23607 Pigapult  $    30.00
WYR23612 Rooster Riders   $    35.00
WYR23618 Whiskey Golem   $    30.00
WYR23625 Bayou Smuggler   $    18.00
WYR23626 Akaname   $    21.00
WYR23629 Silurids  $    21.00
WYR23703 Kunoichi  $    21.00
WYR23705 Ten Thunder Archers   $    21.00
WYR23718 Jorogumo   $    40.00
WYR23723 Lotus Eater   $    21.00
WYR23724 Charm Warder   $    24.00
WYR23726 Dawn Serpent   $    15.00
WYR23730 Yasunori  $    30.00
WYR23731 Tanuki   $    18.00
WYR23013 Resurrectionist Faction Book  $    25.00
WYR23016 Outcast Faction Book  $    25.00
WYR23201 Von Schtook Core Box (Prof. Von Schtook, Research Assistant, Anna Lovelace, 3x Undergraduate)  $    55.00
WYR23401 Dreamer Core Box (The Dreamer, Lord Chompy Bits, Coppelius, 3x Alps)  $    60.00
WYR23501 Viktorias Core Box (2x Viktoria Chambers, Vanessa Chambers, 3x Ronin)  $    50.00
WYR23102 Lucius Core Box (Lucius Mattheson, The Scribe, Agent 46, 3x Guild Lawyers)  $    50.00
WYR23218 High Society (Bete Noire, 2x Dead Doxies, 3x Dead Dandies)  $    45.00
WYR23402 Deep Sleep (3x Stitched Togethers, 3x Daydreams) $    40.00
WYR23602 Hootenany (Georgy & Olaf, 3x Banjonistas) $    35.00
WYR23603 Deliverance (Spit Hog, 4x Bayou Gremlins) $    35.00
WYR23309 Rasputina Core Box (Rasputina, 3x December Acolytes, Wendigo, Snow Storm) - ONLINE ONLY $    60.00
WYR23410 Euripides Core Box (Euripides, 3x Gigants, Primordial Magic, Thoon) - ONLINE ONLY $    65.00

If you're interested in Faction Books, Faction Packs, or Fate Decks, make sure to act fast. We've only got a limited quantity, and we expect them to sell out fast!

You can find images of our upcoming releases from July to September on our Upcoming page.

For images of our pre-release products, such as the Eurpidies Core Box, you can find them on our Pre-releases page. (There are two missing boxes on there, but check back on Monday for what is inside Rasputina and High Society!)
This is The Other Side’s first Gen Con, and we’ll have the entire product line available in one place for the first time ever. If you haven’t had the chance to get your hands on a Rail Gunner or Twisted Horrors yet, this is your chance.

In addition to our full product line, we will also have a travel-sized Rules Manual available for $10.00, so you don’t need to lug around the giant (but infinitely awesome) Core Rulebook around for each game.
WYR40001 BOOK | The Other Side Core Rulebook $ 60.00
WYR40002 BOOK | The Other Side Rules Manual $ 10.00
WYR40003 DECK | Poker Fate Deck - MALIFAUX $ 12.00
WYR40004 DECK | Poker Fate Deck - EARTH $ 12.00
WYR40005 DECK | Gibbering Horde Fate Deck $ 12.50
WYR40006 DECK | Cult of the Burning Man Fate Deck $ 12.50
WYR40007 DECK | King's Empire Fate Deck $ 12.50
WYR40008 DECK | Abyssinia Fate Deck $ 12.50
WYR40101 ALLEGIANCE | King's Empire - Charles Edmonton $ 90.00
WYR40102 UNIT | TOS | Infiltrators $ 45.00
WYR40103 UNIT | TOS | Royal Rifle Corps $ 45.00
WYR40104 UNIT | TOS | Empire Dragoons $ 55.00
WYR40105 UNIT | TOS | Grenadiers $ 45.00
WYR40106 UNIT | TOS | South Wales Borderers $ 45.00
WYR40107 UNIT | TOS | King's Hand $ 75.00
WYR40108 MODEL | TOS | Motor Scout $ 25.00
WYR40109 MODEL | TOS | Kassa Okoye $ 15.00
WYR40110 MODEL | TOS | Margaret Belle $ 15.00
WYR40111 MODEL | TOS | Sharp Shooter $ 12.00
WYR40113 UNIT | TOS | Artillery Team $ 65.00
WYR40151 ALLEGIANCE | Abyssinia - Prince Unathi $ 90.00
WYR40152 UNIT | TOS | Basotho Cavalry $ 55.00
WYR40153 UNIT | TOS | Steel Legion $ 75.00
WYR40154 UNIT | TOS | Crow Runners $ 45.00
WYR40155 UNIT | TOS | Mehal Sefari $ 45.00
WYR40156 UNIT | TOS | Electrocutioners $ 45.00
WYR40157 UNIT | TOS | Mechanized Infantry $ 75.00
WYR40158 UNIT | TOS | Dreadnought $ 75.00
WYR40159 MODEL | TOS | Rail Gunner $ 15.00
WYR40161 MODEL | TOS | Abyssinia Engineer $ 12.00
WYR40162 UNIT | TOS | Maurader $ 55.00
WYR40201 ALLEGIANCE | Gibbering Hordes - Storm Siren $ 100.00
WYR40202 UNIT | TOS | Karkinoi $ 55.00
WYR40203 UNIT | TOS | Armored Whelks $ 55.00
WYR40205 UNIT | TOS | Yarazi $ 45.00
WYR40207 UNIT | TOS | Horomatangi $ 75.00
WYR40208 UNIT | TOS | Alpha Crawler $ 75.00
WYR40209 UNIT | TOS | The Frenzy $ 35.00
WYR40211 MODEL | TOS | Morphling $ 12.00
WYR40213 MODEL | TOS | Devouring Eel $ 25.00
WYR40251 ALLEGIANCE | Cult of the Burning Man - Adeodatos $ 100.00
WYR40252 UNIT | TOS | Stalking Portals $ 55.00
WYR40254 UNIT | TOS | ECB Black Ops $ 45.00
WYR40255 UNIT | TOS | The Broken $ 45.00
WYR40256 UNIT | TOS | Doomseekers $ 45.00
WYR40258 UNIT | TOS | Gorysche $ 75.00
WYR40259 MODEL | TOS | Raving Madman $ 12.00
WYR40260 MODEL | TOS | Fenton Brahms $ 15.00
WYR40262 MODEL | TOS | Immolated Rhino $ 25.00

In regards to other new products for The Other Side that have been previously announced, such as Binh and Thrace alt models and our upcoming Starter Box, the wait for them will just be a little bit longer. The production and manufacturing process is more complex than with some of our other games, so we will be taking the time needed to ensure that they meet our expectations and standards. Expect to see them on store shelves in the fourth quarter of this year.

Finally, in addition to our full product line of The Other Side and our Malifaux pre-releases, we will also have all of our Through the Breach books and supplements, our Wyrdscapes terrain and bases, and our board games available online and at Gen Con, as well. 
This year, we’ve got two special items that you can scoop up. We are continuing our line of Nightmare Crew Boxes with Mary “Blacktongue” Bonnet and her loyal miscreants and Skellywags with the Brine and Bones box, which will run for $75. Our Nightmare boxes are only available during brief windows of time, such as Gen Con, so make sure to scoop it up while you can!

Additionally, if you spend $100 or more at Gen Con (or during the Gen Con online sale), you can get your hands on Miss Feasance, an alt for our favorite serial killer, Seamus. Plan your purchases, because that’s the only way to get this promotional offer!
This is going to be our best Gen Con yet. Whether you find us in the Event Hall or the Exhibit Hall, we hope you stop by and say hello.

See you there!

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Waldo's Weekly - I Will Walk Five Hundred (And Thirty Five) Miles

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, we got a call from Waldo in Chattanooga. Apparently, he either has a fear of flying or really enjoys the summer heat, so he started walking to Indianapolis by himself. That wasn’t even the reason why he called, though. He just wanted to let us know that he used the company card to get some good barbeque. At least he got a head start; those stumpy little legs are going to take a while to get to Gen Con.

Will you be at Gen Con? Maybe you’ll be able to beat him to be the first in line to scoop up some of the new Malifaux products! You can find a list of the new Malifaux content that will be at the big event below (not including the Nightmare Crew, Faction Packs, Faction Decks, and Faction Books, which will also be there in limited quantities). If you’re interested in everything we’ll have at Gen Con (and online during the Gen Con sale), make sure to give tomorrow’s newsletter a read.

NEW Malifaux Releases

WYR23309 Rasputina Core Box* *online only
WYR23410 Euripides Core Box* *online only
WYR23101 Basse Core Box  
WYR23102 Lucius Core Box  
WYR23104 Lady Justice Core Box  
WYR23201 Von Schtook Core Box  
WYR23218 High Society (Bete Noire, Dead Doxy x2, Dead Dandy x3)  
WYR23301 Marcus Core Box  
WYR23302 Burning Bridges (Elijah, Firebranded x3, Fire Golem)  
WYR23303 Colette Core Box  
WYR23401 Dreamer Core Box  
WYR23402 Deep Sleep (Stitched Together x3, Daydream x3)  
WYR23501 Viktoria Core Box  
WYR23502 Loyalty to Coin (Big Jake, Taelor, Student of Conflict)  
WYR23601 Som'er Core Box  
WYR23602 Hootenany  (Georgy & Olaf, Banjonistas x 3)  
WYR23603 Deliverance (Spit Hog, Bayou Gremlin x 4)  
WYR23701 Youko Core Box  
WYR23713 One Born Every Minute (Huckster x3, Desper LaRaux)

Last, but certainly not least, here’s one more art preview before the Faction Books come out and reveal what every character and model will look like in Malifaux Third Edition. You might have already seen the brilliant (no, you’re brilliant!) update to his loyal Lynch-pin on our website, but here is the updated look for our favorite fervent monstrosity, the Hungering Darkness. Have a look!


That’s it from us. We’ll update you on how far Waldo gets next week.

Gen Con Event Documents


Hey Wyrdos,

As many of you may know, Gen Con is right on our heels and we have many exciting events going on throughout the weekend. From our new speed painting competition –A Dash of Color- to Learn to Play Events for both Malifaux Third Edition and The Other Side. If you’re into the more competitive scene for either game, don’t worry as we’ve got that covered as well with several events for each game.

As for those planning to take part in these competitive events we are happy to release encounter information for each round of the events below. Additionally, it is worth noting as this is the first year of release for both M3E and TOS we have no requirement of painted miniatures, though it is still encouraged.

Malifaux Tyrant Tournament

Malifaux Henchman Hardcore

Malifaux Double Rush Team Event

The Other Side Midnight Run

The Other Side Champions of Earth

Battle on Four Fronts Team Event

 We look forward to The Best Four Days in Gaming™ and look forward to seeing you there!

July 2019 Newsletter


In just a few short weeks, we will be in Indianapolis, experiencing The Best Four Days in Gaming™. Before we find our way to Gen Con, though, there's a lot of ground to cover to update our community on all of the Wyrd things we've been up to lately. 

And that starts with our Gen Con volunteers. We want to make sure that this year is Wyrd's best Gen Con yet, and in order to do that, we need your help. There are still a few slots that are open for Through the Breach and The Other Side, so if you're interested in running adventures or teaching games, head over to our volunteer schedule and shoot us an email. 

In this month's newsletter, we're taking a look at everything we've recently announced, as well as what you'll find in our two booths at Gen Con.
If you're looking for updated information on Malifaux Third Edition, then look no further! Earlier this week, we updated Malifaux's website to include tons of great information to get new and experienced players alike caught up to speed. 

Here's what you'll find when navigating:
  • New Faction pages, which include updated descriptions, and Master lists. You'll even find the new Faction, the Explorer's Society, on there!
  • Master pages that cover their gameplay breakdowns, updated lore, and the Master's associated Keywords.
  • A full Keyword index that lists out the Keyword of each and every model.
  • And much more!
Head over to the Malifaux Third Edition page to have a look!
Not only did we update our website with all sorts of Malifaux goodies, but we went one step further with M3E's release. 

On our website, you can find Malifaux Third Edition's rules to download absolutely free. Additionally, we have included the Stat Cards for every currently released Third Edition model for free, as well. Whether you need to reference something quick or want to print the cards yourselves, we've got you covered. More special edition, alts, and new M3E cards will be made available in the near future.
If you're looking for specific Malifaux Third Edition Stat Cards but want a higher quality than what your home printer might provide, we don't blame you. Head on over to Wargame Vault to find Stat Cards for every Malifaux Third Edition model that has been released up to this point.

In the coming months, we will also be adding Encounter cards for Strategies and Schemes, special edition cards ranging from Nightmare edition models to alt models, and newly released cards for upcoming models. Keep an eye on that space for new cards!
Every year, we like to do something special for Gen Con by giving existing Malifaux models a new look and feel, and we're going full steam ahead for this year's alts.

Recently, we showed off Miss Feasance, an alt of Malifaux's most wanted serial killer, Seamus. The only way to get ahold of this exclusive model is by spending $100 or more either at Gen Con or on our website during the Gen Con sale, so start planning what you intend on scooping up now!

Malifaux Third Edition's first Nightmare box just washed ashore, too. An alt Crew for Molly Squidpiddge, our favorite undead reporter, is setting off for plunder and booty with Brine and Bones. In it, Mary "Blacktongue" Bonnet sails the Malifaux seas, accompanied by her Wayward Mariner (the Necrotic Machine), Nani and the Voice (Philip and the Nanny), and her three loyal Skellywags (Rabble Risers). You'll also find a fancy pirate's hat to put on your existing Archie (Arrrchie!) model, as well. 

Make sure to head to Gen Con or our webstore when the sale goes live to get your hands on these special edition Malifaux models!

July Releases

WYR23104 Lady Justice Core Box $50.00
WYR23301 Marcus Core Box $50.00
WYR23104 Loyalty to Coin $28.00
WYR23010 General Upgrades Card Pack $8.00
WYR23106 Nellie Core Box $50.00
WYR23107 Perdita Core Box $50.00
WYR23108 Sonnia Core Box $50.00
WYR23124 Brutal Fate $40.00
WYR23205 Seamus Core Box $50.00
WYR23206 Reva Core Box $50.00
WYR23224 Carrion Fate $40.00
WYR23315 Kaeris Core Box $50.00
WYR23316 Sandeep Core Box $50.00
WYR23319 Arcane Fate $40.00
WYR23407 Pandora Core Box $50.00
WYR23422 Titania Core Box $50.00
WYR23425 Mysterious Fate $40.00
WYR23512 Tara Core Box $50.00
WYR23515 Parker Core Box $50.00
WYR23519 Hamelin Core Box $50.00
WYR23522 Jack Daw Core Box $50.00
WYR23525 Hodgepodge Fate $40.00
WYR23610 Mah Tucket Core Box $50.00
WYR23614 Zipp Core Box $50.00
WYR23619 Ulix Core Box $50.00
WYR23624 Lucky Fate $40.00
WYR23712 Lucas Core Box $50.00
WYR23714 Mei Feng Core Box $50.00
WYR23715 Asami Core Box $50.00
WYR23725 Shadow Fate $40.00
The reaction to Malifaux Third Edition has been overwhelming. The positivity we have received over the last few months has helped guide us in the direction for the future, and we have none other than our incredible community to thank for that.

So, from all of us at Wyrd: thank you. 

Because of our passionate players, 100% of the first wave of our Core Rulebooks, Fate Decks, and Faction Packs have already sold out. Our expectations for what we printed was to cover for several months, and it barely lasted two weeks. We were amazed and humbled by it, and are already moving forward on a second printing. 

With that being said, we know that there have been some concerns as well, particularly with getting some of our products on store shelves. We weren't the only ones that experienced exceeded expectations; many stores and distributors have as well. We're working closely with all of them to help find ways to avoid consumer disappointment. One way that you can help is by letting your LGS know what your community's needs are so that can be communicated with their buyer. 

But if you were planning on scooping up these products during our Gen Con sales - don't worry! We'll have a limited supply of all of those products available during that time. 

It's time for us to look onward, starting with The Best Four Days in Gaming™. We've got a lot of awesome stuff in store for the biggest convention of the year, and can't wait to see you there. 

In the meantime, stay up to date on all things Wyrd by heading on over to our forums, our Facebook, and our website
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