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Breachside Broadcast - Earthside Echoes 01

Earthside Echoes is our brand new lore podcast for The Other Side! This podcast will cover both the setting and the stories from the current and future books. 

If you haven't yet familiarized yourself with our fantastic large scale wargame, or simply want to find out more about what is happening on Earth while the chaos continues on Malifaux, make sure to give it a listen! 

Earthside Echoes will be released on a monthly basis on the last Monday of every month, so keep an eye out for future entries. 

You can either click on the image above to be sent to the episode over on Breachside Broadcast or listen to the episode directly by clicking on the plugin below.

To find a full list of episodes as they come out, visit our forum post here:


Breachside Broadcast - Episode 100!

Episode 100 of Breachside Broadcast is now live! Give a listen to the end of Led Zipp'lin, as well as some Gremlin vignettes!

In this episode, we have the conclusion of Led Zipp'lin, followed by an assortment of Gremlin Vignettes.

For our 100th episode, we're also running a contest! Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more information!

As always, click on the image below to give Tales of Malifaux a listen.