Waldo's Weekly - the Open Beta is now LIVE!


Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo hung out in the design room. He put on some glasses, wore a fake beard, and said “feel bad moment” over and over again until the words no longer held meaning. As soon as he tried putting Paralyze back into the game, we knew it was time for Waldo to take a break and go burn something down in the warehouse.

Now that Waldo is off setting old misprints aflame, we’ve got time to talk about the important stuff: the Open Beta is now LIVE!

After months of testing behind closed doors and in hidden forums, we’re finally ready to reveal everything that makes Malifaux Third Edition awesome. But nothing is final until we hit print, so we want to hear everyone’s feedback about M3E before we’re ready to officially launch. Help us shape the game you love by playing and participating in the Open Beta!

To access the Open Beta, you’ll need to first make a forum account. Once you’ve taken care of that, head over to the “M3E OPEN BETA” forum. That’s where you’ll find all of the files for the rules and every model in M3E. To make sure that your opinions are heard, please discuss your excitement (and concerns, of course) with the rest of the community in those forums.

We’ll have more information and instructions in those forums, such as where to include Battle Reports and specific types of feedback. Throughout the playtest, we’ll be creating a series of polls to see where the whole community stands on certain subjects, so keep an eye out for those, as well.

Remember: our focus with the Open Beta is to fine-tune, tweak, and balance. We won't be making any sweeping changes that are not absolutely needed.

But for now, make your way to the forums, download the files, build your Crews, and most importantly, play some games!

We’ll see you there!



Hey Wyrdos,

We’re thrilled to announce that on Wednesday, January 16th, we will be launching an OPEN BETA for Malifaux Third Edition!

Many of you have gone through the grueling process of testing the game to get its rules and models to this point, and we couldn’t possibly thank you enough for that. Rest assured that the vast majority of that work will remain intact.

The intent of the Open Beta is to get Malifaux Third Edition from where it is (a great spot) and bring it up one more level (to a fantastic spot). This means that our focus will be on polish. Clarity, grammar, theme, and fine tuning numbers are our targets this time around.

There are still a few crews and models that need some final tweaks, so if you have more feedback, we’re still listening.  We want to hear your thoughts on your favorite (and least favorite) characters before we officially launch Third Edition.

So, for those who have been rigorously playtesting our game, now is your chance to share your thoughts and enthusiasm with the rest of the community. Those NDAs that you signed? Consider them lifted. Let us know where you think M3E stands and what you think it’ll take to bring it across the finish line.

Henchmen, keep a close eye on the super-secret Henchmen forum in regards to running M3E events and tournaments. We’ll have some special announcements for you folks in the next few days.

That’s it from us! We’ve got to hunker down and iron out those wrinkles before next Wednesday. We’ll have more info for you at that time.

See you then!