Wyrd Chronicles 39 - Bah Humbug

Wyrd Chronicles 39 is now live! Bah humbug.


•    Strategizing with Stratagems: Take a close look at one of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspects of building a TOS Company!
•    Speak Now in the Fire: Read the scribbled notes of a professor that went missing when the Burning Man appeared over London.
•    Community Highlights – Podcasts: Check out some of our favorite Wyrd-themed podcasts, hosted by some of our community’s finest!
•    Sardana de Vida i Mort: A Domador des Cadáveres enters Malifaux while seeking revenge.
•    The Night Santa Went Crazy: The Burning Man has corrupted St. Nick in this Operation for The Other Side.
•    Earthside Dossiers – King’s Empire: Learn the ins and outs of the King’s Empire Commanders, Charles Edmonton and Margaret Belle.
•    In the Shadow of Titans: A member of the Field Intelligence Corps reports in about his findings on the Titans of his enemies.
•    The Huckster’s Panacea: A street seller manages to find himself with a rare item, but only comes to realize after it’s been sold.
•    Holiday Gift Exchange: Get into the holiday spirit with this gift-giving Malifaux story encounter!

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