Friday Previews - June 8th

Happy Friday Wyrdos! 

We have met here every Friday to take a peek into The Other Side and what it has to offer. As we are nearing the official release, we have showcased many key components of the core books.  If you missed anything or want more information it can be found at Moving forward we will now be staggering our previews as we focus on final preparations for the initial launch. We can't wait to preview what is coming next!

Quite excited to see The Other Side brought to the table soon and we thank you all for following us on this long journey.  Till next time we leave you with some pretty serious faces ... wonder whats happening?

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Friday Preview - South Wales Borderers

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  Today we are showing off the South Wales Borderers of the King's Empire.  Let's take a look!


In the aftermath of the Battle of London, the Parliament passed the Military Service Act, forcing the unmarried men of their nation into active military service. The Act received a great deal of public support, and British men and women both flocked to the recruitment centers to join in the defense of their homeland. The greatest number of new recruits hailed from South Wales. This flooded the ranks of the British army with thousands of boisterous, patriotic warriors with questionable accents. Given mechanical weaponry to augment their physical ones, they’ve been sent into the battle with little training but a lot of patriotism.
On the tabletop, the South Wales Borderers are one of the Empire’s only melee units. With durable five model Fireteams, the Borderers actually become stronger when their friends and squad mates are removed from play. They make for a great front-line unit, especially against ranged Companies that like to pepper their enemies with bullets before charging into battle.

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Friday Preview - Morphling

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  I had a lot of trouble pinning down exactly what model this preview was, but I finally figured it out.  It's a Morphling!  It was tough to decide with all that morphing around.  Let's take a look.  


All Gibbering Hordes have the ability to change their physiology to some extent, but Morphlings have far greater control over their bodies than most. Similar to Neverborn Dopplegangers, these brutal creatures frequently exploit their talents to become the alpha hunters of their pods.
A Morphling's only real shortcoming is the inability to adjust its body mass, which limits
the number of things it can reasonably change into.
On the table, Morphlings are an excellent addition to almost any Squad. They can perform Actions printed on any friendly Squad in play, which grants their unit a bit of additional (and unexpected) flexibility.

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Friday Preview - Rail Gunner

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  We have a pretty awesome preview of the Rail Gunner.  This model definitely shoots for the moon, and with the size of that gun it probably will hit it too!  Enjoy this preview.  


Although not yet in widespread circulation, Abyssinian weapons technology has created relatively small scale rail guns usable on the battlefield. These weapons require an incredibly strong source of power, and as such, must be deployed with a Soulstone-amplified power source. Most Rail Gunners are recruited out of the Mechanized Infantry, drawing upon those with the best accuracy.
On the tabletop, the Rail Gunner gets one powerful, long range shot per Turn. Taking advantage of Extra Power to get a Gunner into Glory can lead to a particularly potent shot. Target priority is the key for a Rail Gunner, as it can be very effective against certain targets, but may be overkill or ineffective against others.

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Friday Preview - Stalking Portals

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  For today's preview we are bringing you one of the more....grotesque of the Cult's forces.  These portals are a very potent force in what they allow your army to do.  Take a look!  


The most insidious byproduct of the Burning Man’s presence may not be the cult that sprang up around it but rather the ease in which new portals are created. While most portals lead through to Malifaux, some don’t make it quite far enough. They connect to somewhere in between, a place of chaos and magic. Many of these portals slowly transform from a gateway
into a sentient creature, an abomination of magic fueled by the space between spaces. These Stalking Portals seem to have some sort of odd intelligence and provide great support to the cultists that worship the Burning Man.
On the table, Stalking Portals are iconic Cult support pieces. The ability to function as moving teleporters allows them to ensure that their forces get where they need to be as quickly as possible. They're also quite good at stripping Reinforcement Tokens away from enemy units.

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Friday Preview - Sharpshooter

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  Enjoy this Friday preview, as it's probably the only time you'll see the Sharpshooter before he sees you!  This adjunct for the King's Empire has lots of cool stuff going on.  Take a look.  


Many units in the King's Empire have begun bringing a specialist into battle: a Sharpshooter. Equipped with long rifles, these Sharpshooters can often aid their unit in myriad ways. Most commonly, these skilled shooters serve as inspiration for the rest of their unit to go above and beyond for King and country.
On the tabletop, Sharpshooters improve their unit's accuracy and gain an extra Action, making them a solid addition to any King's Empire infantry unit.

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Friday Preview - Horomatangi

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  Today we have a preview of a pretty awesome Dual Faction Commander, Horomontangi.  Let's take a look!


Horomatangi is an ancient, powerful creature from Malifaux. It arrived on Earth in the mid-sixteenth century and immediately started terrorizing the Maori people. It was a mighty spellcaster in Malifaux, and it was the ruthless overlord of a long string of half-sunken islands. It used sheer power to command the mewling members of the Gibbering Hordes that were unlucky enough to live in its domain.

Unfortunately for Horomatangi, all of this was lost when it arrived on Earth. For years it tried to reclaim some semblance of power by attacking the locals of New Zealand, but to no avail. Eventually, it was defeated by the Ngaatoro sisters and fell into a deep sleep in a crevice of the ocean.

The arrival of the Burning Man on Earth brought with it an infusion of magic that woke the mighty Horomatangi from hundreds of years of sleep. It is now regaining some of its old power and reclaiming dominion over the Hordes, and it has pledged its service to the Burning Man in the hopes of replenishing its atrophied magical power.

On the table, Horomatangi can serve either the Cult of the Burning Man or the Gibbering Hordes. Unlike most Commanders, Horomatangi is a Titan and has less Scrip to hire its forces.

Horomatangi makes up for this deficiency with its incredible power. Its high Armor of 12, which increases to an amazing 13 in Glory, makes this ancient beast incredibly difficult to hurt.

Defense is not Horomatangi's specialty, however: violence is. It is dangerous either in melee or at range, and its passive Cloud of Steam Ability ensures that it is dangerous for enemies to even be in proximity to Horomatangi.

The Bellow of Command Action is a potent Morale Action that can provide a big bonus to allies or a big penalty to enemies. Alternatively, Horomatangi might choose to simply lay waste to its foes with an endless assault generated by its Mighty Willpower Action.

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Friday Preview - Marauder

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  We continue to look at the units for the Other Side.  Today we have the Marauder from Abyssinia.  Check it out! 


Most Abyssinian Marauders are used to get behind enemy battle forces, where they can cripple supply lines and debilitate their reinforcement abilities. Sometimes, however, they are brought onto the battlefield itself. These two-seater motorcycles move quickly, with one soldier driving the motorcycle while the other focuses on manning the heavy machine gun. 
The Marauder can fulfill different roles on the battlefield as needed, whether that might be quickly securing objectives or attacking exposed flankers. Unfortunately, Marauders need to remain light so as to not compromise their extreme speed, so their defenses are somewhat lacking.
On the tabletop, Marauders have nearly unrivaled speed. They are capable of easily going 27" on a turn, and, if they are in Glory, they can follow it up with a Heavy Machine Gun Action that could move it even further. Clever use of the Afterburners will help get a Marauder to Glory for maximum effectiveness.
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