Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

Happy Monday Wyrdos!  As you probably know GenCon is coming up soon. It's less than a month away as a matter of fact.  After winning the Homefront global campaign, Gremlins were getting the next Nightmare box and we are ready to show it off.  Enjoy the Nightmare Ulix crew.  Make sure to head over to our forums to discuss your plans for this years nightmare crew! 


Monday Preview - Hucksters

Pssst.  Over here.  You look like someone looking for a Monday Preview....yeah we got Monday Previews.  The best previews!  Come take a look at these Hucksters...


In Malifaux there are lots of items that are illegal, or just prohibitively expensive due to Guild taxes.  The huckster doesn't care about either of those issues.  They will get you what you need, but there will be a price.  

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Monday Preview - False Witnesses

Happy Monday, Wyrdos! This week, we're showing off the Guild's fair and balanced approach to the legal system with the False Witnesses. 


Need to convict an Arcanist but don't have a lot (or any) evidence? Did a new Guild recruit start a (metaphorical or literal) fire but the blame needs to land elsewhere? Look no further than these brave souls, who are willing to bear the burden of the untruth in the name of justice. 

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Monday Preview - Mysterious Gentlemen

Happy Monday Wyrdos! Today was a bit of an odd one.  I wandered into the office and found an envelope on my desk.  No markings on it.  I discovered these guys in that envelope.  Unsure of what it might mean, I figured I would leave it to the community to help me figure out.   Head over to our forums to speculate on who you think these guys are.  


Monday Preview - Wyrdscape Asian Bases

Hey Wyrdos!  It's time for yet another Monday Preview and we have a pretty cool one.  We continue our line of Wyrdscape base inserts, adding these cool new Asian Ruins into the line!  You can see there are a total 10 awesome new base inserts to spice up your crew!  Head over to the forums to discuss your plans for these bases!