Wyrd Chronicles vol. 37

Happy Tuesday Wyrdos! Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 37 is now live! Sorry we're not home, we got caught in the spiderwebs.

  • Starting Malifaux on a Budget – Gremlins: Getting ready for a bayou hoedown? The best advice for throwing together your Gremlin crew can be found right here.
  • Soulstones in the Rough: Shake the dust off of your less used models and get ready to bring some extra diversity to your next game.
  • Augments & Add-ons – The Widow Weaver: Introduce a new predator who stalks the web of Fate to your Through the Breach campaign.
  • The Sundial: When you mess with time, you might find that Time messes back.
  • Community Highlights - Malifaux Around the World: Learn a little more about Malifaux communities from different places around the world.
  • It’s a Dirty Job…: A Death Marshal’s job gets tougher as he has to explore the Sewers underneath Malifaux.

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Chronicles 36

Happy Friday Wyrdos! Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 36 is now live! Break on through to The Other Side.

  • Comparing Malifaux & The Other Side: An in-depth look at the differences and similarities in our two miniatures games!
  • Storming Into the Breach – Starting the Other Side: Interested in The Other Side but don’t know which Allegiance to pick or what you want in your Company? Let’s give you a hand.
  • Little Star: A mother and daughter down on their luck as a mysterious light appears over London.
  • Painted Model Gallery: A close-up look of some of The Other Side’s fully painted models.
  • The Other Side – Battle Report: The Cult of the Burning Man and the King’s Empire duke it out in a play-by-play breakdown of The Other Side.
  • Lost at Sea – The Other Side Scenario:  An Abyssinian destroyer gets bombarded by an unknown enemy. Can you survive the Hordes?

You can find the latest issue of Chronicles for the low cost of FREE on DriveThruRPG!

You can also head over to our forums to discuss the latest Chronicles! 

Wyrd Chronicles Issue 35

Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 35, for your reading pleasure! Click on the image above to download it!

  • Starting Malifaux on a Budget – Resurrectionists: Need to build a new crew on the cheap? Get top-notch advice about putting together a Ressurectionists crew!

  • Darkness Comes Rattling - War of the Spirits - Learn a little more about the upcoming expansion for Darkness Comes Rattling.  

  • Building A Gaming Board pt. 2 - Learn some more about how to build your very own gaming board! 

  • Plus stories, a TTB adventure, and even a special Malifaux scenario!