Waldo's Weekly - Same Ghost Every Night

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo had a mental breakdown. Despite all the hellfire, brimstone, and burps, it turns out our little imp was more sensitive than we originally thought. In an effort to ease his mind, we built a makeshift sauna in the warehouse and cranked it up a couple hundred degrees (just a little hotter than the Georgia standard temperature) and within minutes, he was right at home. But just in case, we scheduled a therapy appointment for him (but not before explaining to them that their new patient has a tendency to spontaneously combust, of course).

So while he’s out teaching his therapist how to use a fire extinguisher, it’s time for us to reveal another upcoming unit in The Other Side, the Gwisin!


In The Other Side’s core rulebook, readers got just a glimpse of the ever looming Neverborn threat on Earth. These conspirators, spies, and spirits reach out into every human society and culture, pulling and plucking on their strings like violinists manipulating all who listen. We were introduced to their leader, Anton de Wils, a mysterious and ancient shapeshifter, but were only presented with more questions than answers. He rules from the shadows with fear and chaos, and at the command of Binh Nguyen and Kirai Ankoku, his army of captured and enslaved ghosts allow for his work to be completed in relative secrecy.

But secrets can only remain secrets for so long. Rumors are spreading of translucent, masked apparitions popping up in strange places, seeking vengeance against those who have wronged them in their previous lives. How the Court of Two has managed to manipulate and control these ethereal spirits as soldiers in their endless army is unclear, but these old spirits bring with them a haunting and formidable presence on the battlefield.


The Gwisin are an unit for the Court of Two in the Other Side, contained in the upcoming Starter Box and sold separately so players can add more to their ghostly Company if they so desire.

Unlike most units in The Other Side, the Gwisin can essentially act independently of one another, allowing themselves to spread out across the table. This becomes particularly handy when paired with their Revenge Ability, which allows them to strike back at an opponent if a nearby friendly Fireteam suffers a Hit. But because they are single model Fireteams, they’ll need to rely on the Court of Two’s Ghostly Ability, provided by their Envoy/Allegiance card, allowing them to discard a Crow from their hand to avoid being damaged. The Gwisin also become more powerful the longer they stay on the table, as their Magical Melee Attack, Ethereal Viscera, grows stronger based on the Turn.

If you feel a cold breeze out of the blue, or feel something gently brush against your skin but nothing seems to be there when you take a look, or you hear an object in the distance fall without rhyme or reason, consider taking a picture or grabbing a mirror. Below is a render of the Gwisin; if you see these spirits in your Polaroid or in the reflection, we consider going for a light jog and possibly never coming back.


But this week isn’t all ghosts and haunts.

We’re also excited to talk about the special offer that we had previously announced is now up and running.

For any and all of the Malifaux Third Edition books (which includes the Core Rulebook and the Faction books) that you purchased a physical copy of, you can now submit your receipt to receive a digital PDF of the same book that you purchased.

This offer starts NOW and will continue through December 15th. Please allow for 10 business days to receive your digital DriveThruRPG code (oh, you’ll need a DriveThruRPG account, just in case that wasn’t clear). We’ll start handing out the digital codes in the middle of the month, but you can start submitting your receipts now.

And, yes, if you ordered an M3E book during our Gen Con web sale, the receipt you received counts toward this promotion. Even if you have not yet received your physical copy yet, you can get your digital book this month. You just have to send your receipt in to us by using the appropriate form.

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That’s it from us. See you next week!