Waldo's Weekly - Coming Down the Mountain

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, the break room’s kitchen sink started to leak, and before we even had the opportunity to call our plumber, Waldo was already beneath the countertop and messing around with the pipes. We should have been skeptical of his over-confidence, as we not only have to buy a new sink (and a fridge, a microwave, and a coffee pot), but we also have to figure out how to get him out from under there. At least his gut seems to be doing the trick with holding back the water in the meantime.

So while Waldo’s stuck wallowing in his own mistakes, let’s take a look at one of the last few remaining unrevealed characters in Malifaux Third Edition: the Geryon!


After decades for many and centuries for some, the all-seeing Euripides and his loyal Gigants are finally coming down from the mountains to join the fray and hopefully tip the scales in their favor. Leading the pack (behind carefully placed Ice Pillars, of course) are the twisted monstrosities known as the Geryon.


These twisted behemoths pack a (boulder-sized) punch on the battlefield, but can do a lot more for your Savage Crew than just pummel your enemies into oblivion. Their Shoulder Rush Tactical Action allows them to knock aside an Ice Pillar into a nearby opponent, potentially dealing out some extra damage before they either swing in or heal themselves with Reform from Ice.

And you can expect these adorable aberrations to hit store shelves this winter!

In the meantime, download and enjoy some Geryon mobile wallpapers.


But that’s not all we’re talking about this week.

M3E Alt Stat Cards are now available on WarGameVault!

That’s right! If you run a model or Crew that is an alternate version of a standard character and have been patiently waiting to get a hold of the Malifaux Third Edition stat cards, then the wait is finally over. You can now head over to WarGameVault to find Dr. Dufresne, the Crazy Cat Lady’s Crew, and much more.

In addition to the alt stat cards, you can also find all of the Strategies and Schemes cards there. You can find the full Strats and Schemes bundle here.

And if you’d prefer to print them out yourselves, you can find them here.

That’s it from us. Next week, we’ll be showing off some upcoming content for The Other Side!