July 2019 Newsletter


In just a few short weeks, we will be in Indianapolis, experiencing The Best Four Days in Gaming™. Before we find our way to Gen Con, though, there's a lot of ground to cover to update our community on all of the Wyrd things we've been up to lately. 

And that starts with our Gen Con volunteers. We want to make sure that this year is Wyrd's best Gen Con yet, and in order to do that, we need your help. There are still a few slots that are open for Through the Breach and The Other Side, so if you're interested in running adventures or teaching games, head over to our volunteer schedule and shoot us an email. 

In this month's newsletter, we're taking a look at everything we've recently announced, as well as what you'll find in our two booths at Gen Con.
If you're looking for updated information on Malifaux Third Edition, then look no further! Earlier this week, we updated Malifaux's website to include tons of great information to get new and experienced players alike caught up to speed. 

Here's what you'll find when navigating:
  • New Faction pages, which include updated descriptions, and Master lists. You'll even find the new Faction, the Explorer's Society, on there!
  • Master pages that cover their gameplay breakdowns, updated lore, and the Master's associated Keywords.
  • A full Keyword index that lists out the Keyword of each and every model.
  • And much more!
Head over to the Malifaux Third Edition page to have a look!
Not only did we update our website with all sorts of Malifaux goodies, but we went one step further with M3E's release. 

On our website, you can find Malifaux Third Edition's rules to download absolutely free. Additionally, we have included the Stat Cards for every currently released Third Edition model for free, as well. Whether you need to reference something quick or want to print the cards yourselves, we've got you covered. More special edition, alts, and new M3E cards will be made available in the near future.
If you're looking for specific Malifaux Third Edition Stat Cards but want a higher quality than what your home printer might provide, we don't blame you. Head on over to Wargame Vault to find Stat Cards for every Malifaux Third Edition model that has been released up to this point.

In the coming months, we will also be adding Encounter cards for Strategies and Schemes, special edition cards ranging from Nightmare edition models to alt models, and newly released cards for upcoming models. Keep an eye on that space for new cards!
Every year, we like to do something special for Gen Con by giving existing Malifaux models a new look and feel, and we're going full steam ahead for this year's alts.

Recently, we showed off Miss Feasance, an alt of Malifaux's most wanted serial killer, Seamus. The only way to get ahold of this exclusive model is by spending $100 or more either at Gen Con or on our website during the Gen Con sale, so start planning what you intend on scooping up now!

Malifaux Third Edition's first Nightmare box just washed ashore, too. An alt Crew for Molly Squidpiddge, our favorite undead reporter, is setting off for plunder and booty with Brine and Bones. In it, Mary "Blacktongue" Bonnet sails the Malifaux seas, accompanied by her Wayward Mariner (the Necrotic Machine), Nani and the Voice (Philip and the Nanny), and her three loyal Skellywags (Rabble Risers). You'll also find a fancy pirate's hat to put on your existing Archie (Arrrchie!) model, as well. 

Make sure to head to Gen Con or our webstore when the sale goes live to get your hands on these special edition Malifaux models!

July Releases

WYR23104 Lady Justice Core Box $50.00
WYR23301 Marcus Core Box $50.00
WYR23104 Loyalty to Coin $28.00
WYR23010 General Upgrades Card Pack $8.00
WYR23106 Nellie Core Box $50.00
WYR23107 Perdita Core Box $50.00
WYR23108 Sonnia Core Box $50.00
WYR23124 Brutal Fate $40.00
WYR23205 Seamus Core Box $50.00
WYR23206 Reva Core Box $50.00
WYR23224 Carrion Fate $40.00
WYR23315 Kaeris Core Box $50.00
WYR23316 Sandeep Core Box $50.00
WYR23319 Arcane Fate $40.00
WYR23407 Pandora Core Box $50.00
WYR23422 Titania Core Box $50.00
WYR23425 Mysterious Fate $40.00
WYR23512 Tara Core Box $50.00
WYR23515 Parker Core Box $50.00
WYR23519 Hamelin Core Box $50.00
WYR23522 Jack Daw Core Box $50.00
WYR23525 Hodgepodge Fate $40.00
WYR23610 Mah Tucket Core Box $50.00
WYR23614 Zipp Core Box $50.00
WYR23619 Ulix Core Box $50.00
WYR23624 Lucky Fate $40.00
WYR23712 Lucas Core Box $50.00
WYR23714 Mei Feng Core Box $50.00
WYR23715 Asami Core Box $50.00
WYR23725 Shadow Fate $40.00
The reaction to Malifaux Third Edition has been overwhelming. The positivity we have received over the last few months has helped guide us in the direction for the future, and we have none other than our incredible community to thank for that.

So, from all of us at Wyrd: thank you. 

Because of our passionate players, 100% of the first wave of our Core Rulebooks, Fate Decks, and Faction Packs have already sold out. Our expectations for what we printed was to cover for several months, and it barely lasted two weeks. We were amazed and humbled by it, and are already moving forward on a second printing. 

With that being said, we know that there have been some concerns as well, particularly with getting some of our products on store shelves. We weren't the only ones that experienced exceeded expectations; many stores and distributors have as well. We're working closely with all of them to help find ways to avoid consumer disappointment. One way that you can help is by letting your LGS know what your community's needs are so that can be communicated with their buyer. 

But if you were planning on scooping up these products during our Gen Con sales - don't worry! We'll have a limited supply of all of those products available during that time. 

It's time for us to look onward, starting with The Best Four Days in Gaming™. We've got a lot of awesome stuff in store for the biggest convention of the year, and can't wait to see you there. 

In the meantime, stay up to date on all things Wyrd by heading on over to our forums, our Facebook, and our website
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