Gen Con Event Documents


Hey Wyrdos,

As many of you may know, Gen Con is right on our heels and we have many exciting events going on throughout the weekend. From our new speed painting competition –A Dash of Color- to Learn to Play Events for both Malifaux Third Edition and The Other Side. If you’re into the more competitive scene for either game, don’t worry as we’ve got that covered as well with several events for each game.

As for those planning to take part in these competitive events we are happy to release encounter information for each round of the events below. Additionally, it is worth noting as this is the first year of release for both M3E and TOS we have no requirement of painted miniatures, though it is still encouraged.

Malifaux Tyrant Tournament

Malifaux Henchman Hardcore

Malifaux Double Rush Team Event

The Other Side Midnight Run

The Other Side Champions of Earth

Battle on Four Fronts Team Event

 We look forward to The Best Four Days in Gaming™ and look forward to seeing you there!