Waldo’s Weekly - Meaner Than a Junkyard Dog

Hey Wyrdos,

This past week, we’ve been frantically prepping for the retail release of Third Edition. In a huge miscommunication between us and Waldo, we found him stacking cans and jars full of pickled who-knows-what in the warehouse. Before he had the opportunity to dig up the floor to build a bomb shelter, we did our best to explain that what he was doing was a very different type of prepping. Releasing M3E won’t be the catalyst to the end of days. We hope.

So, to celebrate not having to prepare for Armageddon, we are taking a look into the creative ingenuity of Malifaux’s oldest engineer, Leveticus.


This resourceful genius has worked in Malifaux since the re-opening of the Breach, bringing a variety of special services to the denizens of Malifaux. Whether a magical artifact or ancient text, Leveticus always has the goods needed within his storefront, available to anyone within the city walls. And if he doesn’t have it, he has the resources to find it.

While he may be seen as a having a calm demeanor and welcoming smile to his clientele, Leveticus ultimately hides his goals of immortality, choosing to work on his twisted abominations in secret, even coming as far as splitting fragments of his own soul into the waifs that have wandered into his shop.

With the crackdown on mercenaries within the confines of Malifaux City via orders from Governor-General Marlow, Leveticus has not only lost his best customers, but also the hunters he relied upon to procure his goods. Now, in order to keep up his wares, he must rely on the services of his most trusted assistant, Rusty Alyce, and the Quarantine Zone Scavengers that come to him for black market augmentations as his only means of finding enough equipment to continue his illicit experiments, lest he succumbs to the inevitability of death.

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