Gen Con 2019 Newsletter

Hey Wyrdos,

Temperatures are rising here in Georgia, which is always a great yearly reminder that the largest gathering of tabletop gamers, Gen Con, is near. If you plan on heading to Indianapolis, Indiana sometime between August 1st and the 4th, make sure to find your way to our booth at the Indiana Convention Center!

In this newsletter, we’ll be covering our plans for The Best Four Days in Gaming™.
With the release of Malifaux Third Edition (M3E) on the horizon, we thought that this would be the best time for us to mix things up. If you’ve visited us at Gen Con in the past, expect a different approach this time around.

This year, our focus is on our amazing community, so we decided to set our booth smack dab in the middle of it. Essentially, what this means is that the majority of our presence will be found in the Event Hall. Don’t worry; you’ll still be able to find us in the Exhibit Hall, as well, just don’t be surprised at the smaller footprint. We're just trying something new. 

In addition to changing up our booths, we’re also a sponsor at Gen Con this time around, so you’ll get to see our logo just about everywhere you look. Make sure to flip through the coupon book, as there will be some fun Wyrd discounts in there!

For additional information in regards to what we’ve got planned this year, in addition to visiting forums and Facebook page, make sure to sign up for Gen Con’s newsletter and their Facebook page, as well.
We’ve seen some truly great cosplays of our characters over the years. So, this year we wanted to give something back to anyone who puts the incredible effort involved in bringing a Wyrd character to life.

If you stop by our booth dressed as a Wyrd character, you’ll receive goodies based on the game that you're representing!
Our Event list is action-packed for this year’s Gen Con. Whether you play The Other Side, Malifaux, or Through the Breach, we’ve got something for you to enjoy. Here is our Event List. You can sign up for these on Gen Con’s site soon.


Throughout the course of Gen Con, we will be hosting various tournaments for both Malifaux: Third Edition and The Other Side. More detailed information on each event will be made available in the future.

Malifaux: Third Edition

  • Double Rush Team Tournament (Thursday 9am - 4pm): Work together with your partner in a micro-Crew environment to claim victory as part of this Team Tournament. Each player needs their own 10SS M3E Crew (plus Master and Totem).
  • Henchman Hardcore Tournament (Sunday 9am - 1pm): Test your mettle in this fast-paced, brutal format using update M3E Henchman Hardcore Rules.
  • Tyrant Tournament (Friday 8am - 6pm, Saturday 8am - 2pm): Determine the top Tyrant of Malifaux in the first official Malifaux: Third Edition Tournament! This is a two day, 5 Round M3E Tournament with 50SS Crews. 

The Other Side

  • Titan Smash! (Friday 10am -12pm) (Sunday 10am -12pm): Bring your Titans to bear in this fast-paced multiplayer format.
  • Midnight Run Tournament (Friday 6pm - Sat 1am): Will you have the strength to go through with this 3 Round, One Commander Tournament?
  • Battle on Four Fronts Team Event (Saturday 3pm- 9pm): This is a 2 Round, 16 player team event. Each player needs their own Two Commander Company, which will be split across two games. 
  • Champions of Earth Tournament (Thursday 10am - 6pm): Bring the full force of your Company for this 3 Round, Two Commander Fields of Glory Tournament. 

Daily Events

Every day at Gen Con, we are going to be running a few recurring events* so that players can get their "Faux Fix" at their own leisure. *Sunday's event schedule may vary.

Through The Breach

  • Crafting a New Characters Fate (9am - 11am)Begin to understand your Destiny and step through the Breach by learning the basics of gameplay and Character Creation in Through the Breach: 2nd Edition. Take these new characters and a new Fate deck to any other Through the Breach event at Gen Con.
  • Adventures (12pm - 3pm) & (4pm - 7pm): Journey with us through the world of Malifaux in one of our One-Shot Adventures, and take a copy of the Adventure home with you afterward.

Malifaux Third Edition

  • Learn to Play (Every Hour 9am - 11pm): Come and learn Malifaux or get a refresher on Third Edition!

The Other Side

  • Learn to Play (Every Hour 9am - 11pm): Come and learn to play The Other Side.
Board Games
  • Darkness Comes Rattling - War of the Spirits (6pm - 9pm): Come play the new expansion for Darkness Comes Rattling, War of the Spirits. Fight back against the Darkness and learn the secrets of the Winds in this cooperative game. Promos are available for all players.


  • A Dash of Color (11am - 1pm) (3pm - 5pm) (7pm - 9pm): Come join us for a speed painting competition. All skill levels welcome and pre-built miniatures will be provided.
It is our amazing group of volunteers that help us out every year that truly makes Gen Con a special experience. Their dedication and love for our games is the reason why we keep coming back, and in order to ensure that this year’s Gen Con is a success, we need your help!

If you are interested in teaching our games, running events, and helping out around the booth, check out our volunteer schedule on our forums. There, you’ll find out more specifics, such as how to sign up!
There’s a good chance that you’ve already seen our releases from now 'til September, but you knew deep down we’d be doing something special for Gen Con, right? It would be such a nightmare if we didn’t.

While we aren’t spoiling anything just yet, expect to see some exclusive and early releases this year for both Malifaux and The Other Side! You’ll just have to make your way to Indiana to ensure that you don’t miss something special!
There’s a lot of planning and not a lot of time between now and the big event, so we’re heading off to make sure this is Wyrd’s best Gen Con showing yet.

We’ll see you there!