Waldo's Weekly - If That's Really Your Name

Hey Wyrdos,

While we were at a convention last week, it would seem that Waldo found a camera and took pictures of some of our upcoming Malifaux Third Edition models (maybe you’ve seen the photos floating around online?). While we don’t know exactly what ended up happening with that camera, Waldo did express to us that with two slices of bread, anything can become a sandwich.

This week, the Undercover Reporter takes a step out of his hiding place and reveals himself!


At the request of Nellie Cochrane, the Undercover Reporter manages to squeeze into the most precarious of hiding places in order to get the latest scoop on any potential wrongdoings happening in Malifaux. Whether he’s chasing a story or in a deadly pursuit, this reporter rarely horses around. Most recently, though, he found himself in a bit of a pickle – or a barrel, possibly filled with pickles, but we’ll have to wait for his next report to find out.


On the table, the Undercover Reporter will provide your Journalist Crew with some quick and hidden maneuverability with his Undercover Ability, which allows him to Unbury in base contact with any enemy Minion. A barrel unexpectedly showing would understandably scare and frighten anyone, which is probably why that enemy Minion must then be placed back into their Deployment Zone. This, combined with his Deadly Pursuit Ability (which allows him to Push up to 4” during the End Phase) and Follow a Lead Bonus Action (which allows him to move up to 6” after discarding a Scheme Marker) really lets this barrel roll around the table.

Not only is he mobile, but he’s also sneaky, staying so well hidden that he can’t be the target of Charge Actions. In addition, his wooden drum must be made out of reinforced steel, as the Undercover Reporter can also gain Shielded +2 during the Start Phase (must be cramped in there, though, because he’ll also gain Staggered).

If the situation ever gets too hot to handle, the Undercover Agent will do whatever it takes to make sure his identity remains a secret by burning it all down to the ground with the Arson Action, setting a nearby Scheme Marker aflame and damaging any nearby enemies in the process. To further add to the chaos, his Confusion in the Ranks Bonus Action can also make a Minion take the Interact Action, even if our dear reporter is still deep undercover.

We’d better let him get back to his hiding spot. When he’s in plain view, he grows a tad paranoid, and that Hidden Blade becomes a little less hidden. We’ll just turn the blind eye to check out his mobile wallpaper!