Waldo's Weekly - Money, It's a Hit

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo learned a hard lesson in economics when we took him to the local game store. With cardboard and plastic still plastered between his teeth, our favorite little imp was kindly shown the front door before the authorities arrived. After explaining to him the concept of money, that the store shelves weren’t a feeding ground, and goods needed to be purchased before they were eaten, he stopped listening altogether. Apparently he’s too broke to pay attention. *ba-dum-tsh*

This week, we’re taking a look at another Malifaux Third Edition box that will be coming out soon, Loyalty to Coin!


If there's one thing that these three Mercenaries have in common, it’s making sure that after a job is done, they’re getting paid. Of varying skill levels, talents, and notoriety, these weapons for hire have all found their way working under the Viktoria sisters.


For Big Jake, the Viks seemed like the right choice because they go after big name bounties without even a blink of an eye. For the Student of Conflict, the Mercenary camp is a home and they are her family, learning from her leaders in the way of the sword in the process. And, for Taelor, working with the twins means that she gets to ensure that her Relic Hammer connects with a few skulls – having enough scrip in her pocket to pay for her drinking habit doesn’t hurt, either.

The Loyalty to Coin box will be available in July!

Just like last week, we’ve got new mobile wallpapers for these hired guns. Check them out!


We will be out of the office next week, so Waldo will be utilizing that time to consume everything he can before we get back and have to fork over the check to cover the expenses.