Wyrd Retailer Newsletter - Launch Plans!

Hello from Wyrd!

As we get closer to hitting the launch button on Malifaux Third Edition, we felt that it was a good time to update retailers with the important details of how (and when) we will be rolling out and updating products for the largest and most comprehensive launch in Wyrd’s history.

In this newsletter, we will be going over those details, and more!
What's New in M3E?

Slumbering Tyrants are awakening and grasping at power as the residents of Malifaux - Human, Neverborn, and Gremlin alike - stand in stubborn defiance against them. With streamlined rules and an intuitive new hiring system, there’s never been a better time to cross through the Breach and into the world of Malifaux!  
  • An optimized engine: The core concepts and gameplay for Malifaux haven’t been replaced, it’s been enhanced. Those little unclear rules have been ironed out for a more straightforward (and less confusing) gameplay experience.
  • A new coat of paint: There will be new art, new cards, and new models. The models that players currently own will still look just as good on the table, but now they’ll have updated cards with text that’s easier to read beside them. 
  • Cutting out the complication: The number of Conditions has been cut down from over 500 to just 11. And that’s just the start; the excess of Actions, Abilities, and Triggers have been streamlined across all of our models so that the focus is on the fun and not on the memorization.
Malifaux Third Edition is an optimized evolution of its previous edition, and we are making efforts in ensuring that the transition is as easy as possible for our retailers and players.
  • In addition to printed rules and cards available for purchase, all cards and rules will be available for free online in seven languages (English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish).
  • Players can easily update current model collections with Faction Packs, which consist of all standard retail release cards from a given Faction from the previous edition.
  • A reduced SKU count (from 337 in Second Edition to 186 in Third!) thanks to an optimized hiring system.
The most important detail to a game’s launch is probably when. We’re excited to announce that Malifaux Third Edition will launch June 28th!

Before we launch, there’s a ton of stuff that we need to go over so that the process is straightforward and painless for our store owners. So let’s begin!
First and foremost, let’s talk about what you already have on your shelves and what we’ll be doing to update it to Third Edition. There is no need to liquidate Second Edition boxes to make room for Third Edition. If you’re a store owner, you will be able to work directly with your distributor to get the cards you need to update the boxes you already have.

For example, if you have the M2E Titania Core Box box currently gathering dust on your shelf, you will be able to reach out to your distributor to get the associated M3E card pack for the models in that box, which can be included in the box’s purchase. We’ll even send out a sticker to put on the box to let your consumers know that the product is up to date!

We will be providing the distributors with the resources in order to make this happen. Each distributor will have their own ways of handling this process, so make sure to discuss the transition with your representatives!

Our goal is to make this as straightforward as possible. If you have questions, reach out to us about it by visiting our Contact page.
We understand that some of our retailers have had some issues receiving Malifaux stock in their stores as of late, and for that, we apologize. As with a new edition, our distributing partners have been rightfully hesitant to stock older products. Luckily, this problem is only temporary. For those who are struggling with putting Malifaux minis on your shelves, this issue should be alleviated in June.

Contact your distributor about when and how you can prepare to fill up your stock once again. If you still have issues at launch, contact us directly and we'll look into it ourselves. 
Already have a community of players who are ready to dive into Malifaux Third Edition the moment it launches? Well, we’re working on making the transition easy for them, too.

In addition to updating current stock, we also want to give players the opportunity to update what they already own. Our Faction Packs, which will be available at launch, will come with all of the Stat Cards and Upgrades for each tournament-legal Second Edition model on a per-Faction basis.

If you have a player who only plays Neverborn, for example, all they would need to do is purchase the Neverborn Faction Pack in order to start playing Malifaux Third Edition with their currently owned models.
Within the first few months of Malifaux Third Edition’s launch, we will be releasing seven Faction Books and the M3E Core Rulebook. Each Faction Book will have new stories, lore, and information on each character in a given Faction. The Core Rulebook will include an extensive timeline of the events stretching back from Malifaux First Edition to now so that new players can immediately get up to speed on the game’s overarching story, as well as a detailed rulebook that answers just about any corner-case question that might pop up when playing.

In an effort to not overwhelm store owners with eight books at launch, we will be staggering these releases, starting with the Core Rulebook, followed shortly thereafter with the Faction Books.

If players are hesitant to take the leap into Malifaux Third Edition, let them know that there’s an easy way for them to try before they buy. Our rules and stat cards will be free online (in seven languages!) so players can make smart decisions when diving into a new crew or playstyle, or deciding if the game is for them.
Malifaux Third Edition’s launch isn’t just about updating the products already on store shelves. We’ve got lots of new and exciting models that we’ll be releasing at launch and in the following months.

Our goal with new releases is to fine-tune and reduce the overall SKU count to limit product bloat. For example, in Second Edition, we had over 337 types of products available. By combining boxes of models that work well together in-game, we managed to cut that number down to 186. Your store shelves will thank us.

In addition, we’re making upselling for your employees considerably easier. Malifaux Third Edition’s updated hiring system utilizes Keywords to make building a crew as easy as remembering a name. Even if an employee isn’t familiar with the mechanics of M3E, they will be able to point to a purchase and say what other crew boxes will work well with it just by looking at the front of the box.

“You’re buying the McMourning Crew Box, awesome! It says here on the front that his Keyword is Experimental. Let me show you some other Experimental boxes that you might want to check out.”

Lastly, if you normally stock card sleeves in your store, it might also be worth stocking Tarot-sized card sleeves, as Malifaux Third Edition’s Stat and Upgrade cards have been scaled up to 2.75in x 4.75in. This is a standard Tarot size, and there are already many types of sleeves on the market. After a player picks up a Faction Pack or a new crew box, card sleeves might be the second thing that they’ll look for!
In order to consolidate SKU Counts, we had to move around some models across our boxes. For brand new M3E boxes, this does mean that some new models will be added. In instances where a consumer has already purchased a crew box and doesn’t want to buy it again just for a new model, they don’t need to worry. We’re making an effort to ensure that those concerns are alleviated, too.

For example, the Wong crew box is staying mostly the same from Second Edition to Third. However, we are adding one new model to that box: Alphonse LeBlanc. Players won’t need to buy the new Wong box just to get Alphonse, though.

For the first year, store owners will be able to work directly with their distributors to special order individual models, such as our Gremlin friend Alphonse LeBlanc. 

We'll have more details on this process as we get closer to release. 
Malifaux Third Edition will be launching on June 28th with a new Core Rulebook, Faction Packs, and more. Below you can find all of our releases from June through September.

* An asterisk next to a product SKU indicates that the box contains new sculpts or models.

June Releases

WYR23001 Malifaux Core Rulebook $20.00
WYR23002 Guild Faction Pack $20.00
WYR23003 Resurrectionist Faction Pack $20.00
WYR23004 Arcanist Faction Pack $20.00
WYR23005 Neverborn Faction Pack $20.00
WYR23006 Outcast Faction Pack $20.00
WYR23007 Bayou Faction Pack $20.00
WYR23008 Ten Thunders Faction Pack $20.00
WYR23009 Dead Man's Hand Pack $7.00
WYR23011 M3E Fate Deck $13.00
* WYR23101 Basse Core Box $50.00
* WYR23302 Burning Bridges $50.00
* WYR23701 Youko Core Box $45.00

July Releases

WYR23010 General Upgrades Pack $8.00
WYR23012 Guild Faction Book $25.00
WYR23014 Arcanist Faction Book $25.00
WYR23015 Neverborn Faction Book $25.00
* WYR23104 Lady Justice Core Box $50.00
* WYR23301 Marcus Core Box $50.00
* WYR23502 Loyalty to Coin $28.00
WYR23106 Nellie Core Box $50.00
WYR23107 Perdita Core Box $50.00
WYR23108 Sonnia Core Box $50.00
WYR23124 Brutal Fate $40.00
WYR23205 Seamus Core Box $50.00
WYR23206 Reva Core Box $50.00
WYR23224 Carrion Fate $40.00
WYR23312 Ironsides Core Box $50.00
WYR23315 Kaeris Core Box $50.00
WYR23316 Sandeep Core Box $50.00
WYR23319 Arcane Fate $40.00
WYR23407 Pandora Core Box $50.00
WYR23422 Titania Core Box $50.00
WYR23425 Mysterious Fate $40.00
WYR23512 Tara Core Box $50.00
WYR23515 Parker Core Box $50.00
WYR23519 Hamelin Core Box $50.00
WYR23522 Jack Daw Core Box $50.00
WYR23525 Hodgepodge Fate $40.00
WYR23610 Mah Tucket Core Box $50.00
WYR23614 Zipp Core Box $50.00
WYR23617 Brewmaster Core Box $50.00
WYR23619 Ulix Core Box $50.00
WYR23624 Lucky Fate $40.00
WYR23712 Lucas Core Box $50.00
WYR23714 Mei Feng Core Box $50.00
WYR23715 Asami Core Box $50.00
WYR23720 Shenlong Core Box $50.00
WYR23725 Shadow Fate $40.00

August Releases

WYR23017 Bayou Faction Book $25.00
WYR23018 Ten Thunders Faction Book $25.00
* WYR23303 Colette Core Box $50.00
* WYR23601 Som'er Core Box $50.00
* WYR23713 One Born Every Minute $27.00
WYR23109 Pathfinder and Clockwork Traps $21.00
WYR23125 Pale Rider $30.00
WYR23126 Guild Steward $11.00
WYR23213 Rogue Necromancy $30.00
WYR23220 Draugr $21.00
WYR23222 Necropunks $21.00
WYR23225 Dead Rider $30.00
WYR23320 Mechanical Rider $30.00
WYR23405 Teddy $18.00
WYR23406 Carver $18.00
WYR23411 Cyclops $40.00
WYR23421 Grootslang $30.00
WYR23424 Killjoy $18.00
WYR23426 Hooded Rider $21.00
WYR23427 Hinamatsu $15.00
WYR23222 Ashes and Dust $30.00
WYR23606 Swine-Cursed $18.00
WYR23607 Pigapult $30.00
WYR23612 Rooster Riders $35.00
WYR23618 Whiskey Golem $30.00
WYR23625 Bayou Smuggler $18.00
WYR23626 Akaname $21.00
WYR23629 Silurids $21.00
WYR23703 Kunoichi $21.00
WYR23705 Ten Thunder Archers $21.00
WYR23718 Jorogumo $40.00
WYR23723 Lotus Eater $21.00
WYR23724 Charm Warder $24.00
WYR23726 Dawn Serpent $15.00
WYR23730 Yasunori $30.00
WYR23731 Tanuki $18.00

September Releases

WYR23013 Resurrectionist Faction Book $25.00
WYR23016 Outcast Faction Book $25.00
* WYR23201 Von Schtook Core Box $55.00
* WYR23401 Dreamer Core Box $60.00
* WYR23501 Viktoria Core Box $50.00
WYR23115 Six Feet Under $35.00
WYR23116 Wake the Dead $42.00
WYR23209 Surgical Staff $42.00
WYR23217 Vengeful Ghosts $42.00
WYR23221 The Returned $30.00
WYR23223 Eternal Servitude $50.00
WYR23308 Altered Beasts $30.00
WYR23310 The Ten Peaks $42.00
WYR23322 Support Staff $30.00
WYR23420 A Light in the Dark $35.00
WYR23423 The Howling $35.00
WYR23430 Familiar Faces $24.00
WYR23503 Hired Killers $24.00
WYR23511 Marlena Webster $18.00
WYR23516 Wokou Raiders $21.00
WYR23523 A Hard Day's Work $30.00
WYR23613 Bayou Engineering $35.00
WYR23615 Off the Top Rope $30.00
WYR23627 See Ya Later $35.00
WYR23628 Gautraeux Bokor $24.00
WYR23630 Creative Taxidermy $35.00
WYR23716 Ancient Evil $30.00
Here are some cards from the upcoming M3E Fate Deck!
We said this was the largest and most comprehensive launch in Wyrd’s history, and we’re just getting started. Malifaux has always been a game that lives, changes, and grows over time. Thanks to our Organized Play format, we’ve created a healthy cycle of new and exciting ways to play without overwhelming the playerbase.

With the Core Rulebook, there are plenty of Strategies and Schemes to keep players coming back for more, but within the first year of Third Edition’s release, we will be releasing Gaining Grounds Season One, which will have updated Strategies and Schemes to help breathe new life into the game.

Later down the line, we will also be releasing a new Faction! While you’ll see their Faction icon scattered throughout Malifaux Third Edition’s initial release, players will have to wait to scoop up the Core Rulebook to find out more. 

We’ve got a lot more in store for Malifaux Third edition’s future, so make sure to check back with us on our website for each big reveal!
Thank you!