Waldo's Weekly - Look for the Bear Necessities


Wonderful Wednesday Wyrdos!

This week, Kyle has asked me to play distraction for Waldo, and I happily obliged. While running something to the warehouse today, I stumbled upon Waldo wings deep in a pile of cloth, stuffing, and some vaguely menacing looking meat. He had two bear... things, and a pile of what looked like failed prototypes. Using my most soothing tone, I asked Waldo who his new friends were.   Oddly enough, the little guys share names with a couple of our designers.  I'm not sure if they are the start of an army of minions or voodoo dolls, but they are pretty darn cute in a menacing way.


Bear-ly Together are an Alt version of Stitched Together that will fit right in with your Teddy or Miss Ery! Their Fiendish Gamble Ability pairs great with the cards removed from the game by Lucid Dream, and enemies definitely won't want to get too close with their Bloated Stench Ability. Let's take a look!


Looking at the back of the card, Gamble for your Life is an Action that has the potential to bring the pain to enemy models, and the Bloody Fate Trigger provides a measure of card draw. This is an action that will also benefit from Fiendish Gamble, to keep the odds in your favor!

Here is a look at the models, painted by the talented Curtis Shoemake!


Bear-ly Together are a webstore exclusive and will be available for the Easter Sale, which will start Sunday, April 14th and run until midday on Monday the 22nd! Our websale this year features several models that are only available through our yearly sales, so be sure to take a peek at what's available when the newsletter comes out because it's got some very interesting news! Not signed up for the newsletter? You can sign up at the bottom of https://www.wyrd-games.net/ or you can check it out once it's published on https://www.wyrd-games.net/news.