Easter 2019 Newsletter

Hey Wyrdos,

After having a blast the last few weeks while away at Adepticon and GAMA, we are finally back in the office. And just in time for our annual Easter Sale!

This year's Easter Sale will start Sunday, April 14th and end on April 22nd. This newsletter covers what will be available when the store opens, so keep scrolling down to find out more!
Before we get into the details of the Easter Sale, what better time is there to remind everyone about two new Fate Decks that were released via DriveThruRPG than right now?

Just last week, we made available a Pixel Fate Deck and a Saloon Deck that are both exclusive to DriveThruRPG. For just $12.00 each (plus shipping), you can get your hands on these amazing fan-created decks!
We like to have fun when creating alt models for our annual sales. During last year's Easter Sale, we had Ross Jebson, a Gremlin with a knack for painting happy little pig bellies (don't fret: he's available this year, too). 

This year's no different (okay, it's a little different). The Neverborn's favorite burlap sack, the Stitched Together, are mixing things up a bit. Instead of being filled with meat and bones, the Bear-ly Together alt models are made of cotton, candy, and mayhem.

These alt models are available as one package with three unique sculpts for just $35.00, made out of the same plastic as the vast majority of our Malifaux models. Make sure to get your hands on these adorable stuffed animals, exclusively during this year's Easter Sale*!

*Disclaimer: Bear-ly Togethers are feverishly hungry and their favorite food is glue-dipped fingers. Assemble and paint at your own risk. 
Even beyond our brand new alt models, we're taking this year's Easter Sale one step further. We will be including Malifaux Third Edition cards with each of the associated models purchased so you can start playing with them right away.

That's right; everything you see on the list below that is a Malifaux model will also include the Malifaux Third Edition cards that are needed to play them when M3E launches early this summer.

If you've already got all of the rare and limited models that your shelves can handle, then you won't need to worry about buying a duplicate model for the new cards. All of our M3E cards will be free to download on our website once the game hits store shelves. 
In addition to the Bear-ly Together alt models, here is what you'll find available during this year's Easter Sale:
  • He-Kome
  • Alt Reva
  • Ross Jebsen (an Easter favorite!)
  • Alt Viks (an Easter favorite!)
  • Unicorn Vomit & Pixie Farts
  • Alt Rafkin
  • Vintage Misaki
  • Vintage Rasputina
  • Vintage Som'er
  • Vintage Pandora
  • Vintage Hamelin
  • Vintage Sonnia
  • Alt Bishop
  • Miss Ery - Bad Teddy
  • Cat Princess set
  • Cat Herders set
  • Curiosity Killed the Cat
  • War Wabbit (an Easter classic!)
  • Dark Carnival Coryphee
  • Dark Carnival
  • Crossroads 7
Other special and limited edition products will be available during the Easter Sale, but won't have updated Third Edition cards (just yet).

Orders will not be fulfilled until starting April 17th, so we appreciate everyone's patience! Additionally, when making an order, make sure that everything is correct before hitting the last "Check Out" button; alterations to orders after they have been submitted will not be possible. 
If the art for the Bear-ly Togethers wasn't cute enough, here's what these magnificent little miscreants look like when they're fully painted (and full from feasting).

Painted by Curtis Shoemake
That's it from us. See you during the sale!