March 2019 Newsletter


In just a few days, we'll be outside of Chicago at the world's premiere wargaming convention, Adepticon, and we hope to see you there! Not only do we have a lot of great events planned, but we'll also have a few rare exclusives available in our booth, too. 

In this month's newsletter, we're tackling our new and upcoming releases (including a pre-release or two!), what we're bringing with us to Adepticon, and more.
Are you headed to Adepticon this year? If you're still on the fence about it, check out some of the events that we're hosting at the big con. 

Malifaux 2nd Edition - Enforcer Brawl

The age old question...Who is the best Enforcer? Come test the skills of both yourself and your chosen Enforcer in this battle royal. Each round will match your model against 3 other players in a ring of death. This event will utilize the Official Enforcer Brawl format.

Malifaux 2nd Edition - Henchman Hardcore

Sometimes all you need to do a job is a Henchman and a few minions. Leave the Master behind and see if your Henchman has what it takes.This M2E tournament will consist of 5 rounds at 30 minutes each and will utilize the Official Henchman Hardcore format.

Malifaux 2nd Edition - Send-Off Tournament

This is the end of an era. The best of the best are coming out to fight for the final title: Champion of Malifaux.This is the last Wyrd run M2E tournament. Think you are strong enough to claim ownership of Malifaux: Second Edition? Grab your faction and test your mettle. Reserve your spot now! This is a 3 Round, specialized Gaining Ground 2018, 50SS Event that will use some old favorites for Strategies and Schemes. 

The Other Side - The Battle Begins Tournament

Fight for control of Earth and for the dominance of your Allegiance. This is a three round, One Commander, Fields of Glory tournament. 

The Other Side - Titan Smash

What’s better than a giant robot, a hydra, a mechanical colossus, and an aquatic monstrosity duking it out for glory? Nothing. This event will have players bring their Titans out to bear as they fight for control of the arena.

As a thank you to our fantastic Adepticon community, we decided to do something a little special this year. If you're headed to Adepticon but don't think you'll have time to make it into one of our events, don't worry! We've still got something up our sleeves. This year, we will have some new Malifaux Third Edition products available for pre-sale!

That's right. If you head over to our booth, you might just find yourself with a unique opportunity to get your hands on some brand new Malifaux Third Edition sculpts and cards! In order to have bragging rights over your friends, you'll just have to be the first in line, because there will be a limited supply*! 

*Third Edition First Release Preview items will be in very short supply (we will only have 20 per SKU). Customers are limited to one Third Edition First Release Preview SKU per purchase. These orders will not include final packaging but will include sprues and Third Edition cards. 
Wyrd is a small team of passionate people who work on games they love. Do you think you have what it takes to work with us at Wyrd? Well, today's your lucky day, because we're hiring! Head on over to our Job Opportunities page to find two new listings:
Keep an eye out on our Jobs page for more opportunities in the very near future!

March Releases

WYR40154 Crow Runners $45.00
WYR40260 Fenton Brahms $15.00
WYR40209 The Frenzy $35.00
WYR40110 Margaret Belle $15.00

April Releases

WYR40160 Lord of Steel $20.00
WYR40253 The Warped $45.00
WYR40212 Striped Skulkers $50.00
WYR40105 Grenadiers $45.00

May Releases

WYR40155 Mehal Sefari $45.00
WYR40261 Breachling $16.00
WYR40206 Barbed Crawlers $45.00
WYR40104 Empire Dragoons $55.00
Malifaux Third Edition's Open Beta is done, so we're plugging away as fast as we can to get the new models, rules, and books in your hands (and if you haven't heard, that'll be early summer!).

We've got plenty to do before then, but to stay up to date on all things Wyrd, head on over to our forums, our Facebook, and our website