Waldo's Weekly - Shallow Graves


Hey Wyrdos,

This week, we found Waldo at the cemetery in the dead center of town. Luckily for us, he wasn’t digging up coffins or turning over tombstones; we found him burying company secrets. After we begrudgingly helped him pack on the rest of the dirt, he finally agreed to reveal a new look for an old favorite.

Speaking of open graves, this week we are talking about our favorite gravedigger, Mortimer. The last time we saw him, he was eating an egg salad sandwich. Nothing else of importance really happened in that story. No toppled buildings, no judgement calls, no dead necromancers… Mostly just a story about a guy eating a sandwich. Since that sandwich, Mortimer’s moved up in the world of Malifaux, but not without remembering his roots first.


Mortimer has a remarkably rich and (egg salad) flavored history in Malifaux lore, reaching as far back as first edition. With his updated look in M3E, we wanted to put that history front and center, which is why his art direction is a nod to his metallic past.

Now that he is no longer being strung along by his former employer (what was his name again?), Mortimer is now free to work with whomever he chooses. With the Versatile Characteristic, this loquacious gravedigger can lend any Resurrectionist Master a hand (or a shovel) without an additional Cost. If you want to make sure your opponent thinks twice before they Interact with a Strategy Marker, his Chatty Ability makes him a worthwhile choice in just about any Crew.

He’s sturdier than most, too. While some might chalk that up to him not being a member of the walking dead, his Regeneration +1, Manipulative, and Hard to Kill Abilities help keep him on the table.


His iconic Shovel makes its return, but now, in addition to his built-in Dismember Trigger, Mortimer can show off that he’s been working out in his free time with the Knock Aside Trigger, which lets him Push his target 4” in any direction.

Whether it’s his bad breath or the smell from the company he keeps, Mortimer’s Decay Action can Blast his target (even from Weak damage) and give them Injured +1 in the process. Speaking of smells, he can also point out a nearby enemy to his friendly Undead associates for an enticing meal with the Fresh Meat Action.

You can give an old Mortimer a new suit, but you can’t take away his grubby skullduggery. His Bonus Action, Grave Robber, places a Corpse Marker anywhere within range, which can help multiple Resurrectionists reach victory. Sometimes, robbing corpses can strike gold (or bone) when the Unexpected Zombie Trigger resolves, as it can summon a Mindless Zombie nearby.

Now that there isn’t another mouth to feed, it looks like Mortimer’s been eating pretty well! Check out what Mortimer will look like on the table in the image below.


Next week, we’ll be stepping back through the Breach to take another look at The Other Side!