Waldo's Weekly - I Shoot, You Run


Hey Wyrdos,

This week, we found Waldo on the roof sleeping like a baby. A snoring, farting, giggling devil baby, but a baby all the same. He was surrounded in shredded M2E books that were being used as bedding and Teddy plush prototypes that were just a little too creepy to go into production (yep, even for us). He must have been dreaming about robbing someone at gunpoint, because he was pointing finger guns and murmuring “pew pew” in between snorts and chortles.

Rather than wake him up, we decided to enjoy the peace and quiet by revealing another new look for an old favorite.

Sting. Beck. Cher. Bono. Banksy. There are only a handful of people in the world who are recognized enough without needing a last name. Hans, the best sniper to the highest bidder, is one such person. If you want the job done, and the job done right, you just need to say his name. And provide a hefty amount of scrip beforehand, of course.


Regardless of the Outcast Crew that you’re building, it’s almost always worth considering putting aside the right amount of coin (or Soulstones) for our favorite hired gun. With his Advanced Sights and Sniper Abilities, his accuracy and range are considered the best in the business (as long as he’s willing to Focus enough before the shot).

Because of his knack of blending in with his surroundings with the Disguised Ability, he’s going to be tough for melee beaters to Charge in and wreak havoc. It doesn’t matter if he’s hired to take out a human, Neverborn, or spectral apparition, either, as his Ruthless Ability helps to ensure that he’s always on target.


If you’re on the opposing end of Hans’ rifle, you’ll likely be lights out before you even know where the shot came from. While his Clockwork Rifle is used by some other gunmen in Malifaux, only Hans is able to utilize it to the fullest extent. With four Triggers that allow him to handle just about any situation, Hans is able to end a life quickly or Slow them down before a quick escape.

If Hans is in a tight spot and the situation calls for a more tactful approach, he can let out a Warning Shot to give his target Distracted and possibly Stunned, which can essentially shut down an enemy’s effectiveness as he gets resituated for the next assault.

Even the most experienced assassins sometimes have to reference their own ethics and rules manuals, though, which is why his Bonus Action, Reference the Field Guide, gives him the opportunity to add any suit to his final duel totals for the rest of his Activation, allowing him to gain the upper hand each time he lines up a shot.

Check out the new model for Hans in M3E!


Next week, we’ll be signing a contract for some protection in the Little Kingdom.