Waldo's Weekly - Rapid Eye Movement


Hey Wyrdos,

While we were on break, Waldo took the opportunity to get some much needed beauty sleep. As it turns out, he’s a sleepwalker, a sleep-talker, and snores like a jet engine. When we got back in the office, we found him dangling from the scaffolding, sleep-singing Enter Sandman while playing an impressive air guitar solo. We haven’t woken him up just yet. Looks like Waldo’s a dreamer, but he’s not the only one.

This week, we’re revealing that the Dreamer and his Nightmare crew have all grown up. It seems that Lord Chompy Bits’ Earthside exploration into the minds of the weak-willed and fearful during the Homefront event has proven bountiful. With Lilith out of the picture and Meridion focused elsewhere, Nytemare is finally ready to have some real fun.

The Dreamer himself is a few years older and a few years wiser in Malifaux Third Edition. For years, he was safely tucked in his bed in his lofty mansion on Earth, but when the Burning Man came and brought with it a fire that engulfed all of London, his innocence was burned to ash as well. With the loss of his father, his dreams warped and became dark aspirations, and his imaginary friends have changed alongside his new ambitions. All boys grow up, but only one has a hungry Tyrant at his bedside.

Check out the gallery below to see the new models for the Nightmare crew. Speaking of growth spurts… Jeepers, Coppelius, have you been working out? What’s in those eyeballs?

We’ll see you next week with the launch of the M3E Open Beta!