Job Opening - Freelance Editor

Hey Wyrdos!  If you think you have what it takes to work with us over here at Wyrd, we have an opening available for a Freelance Editor. You can also click on the image below to be directed to the Job Opportunities page.

Freelance Editor
Wyrd Miniatures, LLC. is currently looking for a freelance editor to work on short stories, articles, rules documents, and more.
A freelance editor would be expected to prepare, rewrite, and edit various pieces of writing that are provided by the Wyrd team. Proofreading for grammar, tone, readability, spelling, syntax, and punctuation are core objectives for this position. An ideal candidate knows our game universes, such as Malifaux, Through the Breach, and The Other Side, so that lore and plot verifications can also be made.  
Please submit your application to It should contain your resume and a short breakdown of your familiarity with our different game universes. No previous experience is required, but the strength of your ability to edit various forms of writing will help determine compensation.